Changer of Worlds

Changer of Worlds

Changer of Worlds, published in 2001, was the third anthology of stories set in the Honorverse.


The book contains the following stories (by David Weber unless otherwise marked): Ms. Midshipwoman Harrington
Midshipwoman Honor Harrington embarks on the heavy cruiser HMS War Maiden for her "snotty" cruise, a mission which will take the ship to the chaos-ridden Silesian Confederacy. During her cruise, Honor experiences life on a Manticoran warship, learns from excellent officers and suffers under incompetent ones, and has a tough real-life lesson on command when the War Maiden battles a separatist Silesian ship. The title is a clear nod to Mr. Midshipman Hornblower. Nightfall
The story of Oscar Saint-Just's accession to power. This story was most likely originally part of Ashes of Victory (in which it is a turning point in the plot), but cut to save space. The ambitious Havenite Secretary of War, Admiral Esther McQueen, who plans a coup against the Committee of Public Safety, is forced to make her move before time, and her troops fight against the State Security forces commanded by Saint-Just throughout the streets of Nouveau Paris. The overthrow of the Committee seems imminent and civil war is about to break in the planet Haven, until Saint-Just makes a frightening move of his own. From the Highlands by Eric Flint
In the eve of a former Havenite admiral's arrival to Old Earth to testify against the excesses and crimes of the Havenite regime, Helen Zilwicki, daughter of Captain Anton Zilwicki of the Royal Manticoran Navy, finds herself in the midst of an underground fight between StateSec agents, anti-slavery terrorists, mercenaries and an unscrupulous supercorporation. This story serves as background for the spin-off novel Crown of Slaves. Changer of Worlds
The treecats Nimitz and Samantha return to their clan after years in space. After hearing first-hand testimony of the perils and dangers of the ongoing Haven-Manticore war, and the possible annihilation the war entails for their race, the treecats make the momentous decision to extend their territory off-world and "colonize" other worlds: the background to their arrival on Grayson during In Enemy Hands.

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