Chambers's Encyclopaedia

Chambers's Encyclopaedia

Chambers's Encyclopaedia (Edinburgh, W. & R. Chambers), 1860-1868, 8vo, 10 vols., 8,283 pages, has no relationship with Chambers' Cyclopaedia, or Universal Dictionary of Arts and Sciences of the 18th century, other than the editor of the latter work shared the same name as the publisher of this.

It was edited in part by the publisher, but under the charge of Dr Andrew Findlater as acting editor. It was founded on the 10th edition of Brockhaus. A revised edition appeared in 1874, 8,320 pages. The index of matters not having special articles contained about 1,500 headings. The articles were generally excellent, more especially on Jewish literature, folk-lore and practical science; but, as in Brockhaus, the scope of the work did not allow extended treatment. A further revision took place, and in 1888-1892 an entirely new edition was published, in 10 vols., still further new editions being issued in 1895 and in 1901.

A completely new encyclopaedia under this name was published in 1950 by George Newnes, Ltd.

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