Challenger 300

Bombardier Challenger 300

The Bombardier Challenger 300 is a super-mid-sized jet capable of traversing trans-continental distances.

Design and development

The project was launched at the Paris Air Show on July 13 1999, at which time it was called the Bombardier Continental. The jet was renamed in September 2002, and entered commercial service in January 2004.

Specifications (Challenger 300)

{{aircraft specifications |plane or copter?= plane |jet or prop?= jet |ref={name of first source} |crew= Two (pilot & co-pilot) |capacity=Up to 16 passengers (normally 8) |length main= 20.93 m |length alt= 68 ft 8 in |span main= 19.46 m |span alt= 63 ft 10 in |height main= 6.20 m |height alt= 20 ft 4 in |area main= 48.5 m² |area alt= 522 ft² |airfoil= |empty weight main= 10,591 kg |empty weight alt= 23,349 lb |loaded weight main= |loaded weight alt= |useful load main= |useful load alt= |max takeoff weight main= 17,622 kg |max takeoff weight alt= 38,850 lb |more general= |engine (jet)=Honeywell HTF7000 |type of jet=turbofan engines |number of jets=2 |thrust main= 30.4 kN |thrust alt= 6,825 lbf |thrust original= |afterburning thrust main= |afterburning thrust alt=

|max speed main= 0.82 Mach |max speed alt= |cruise speed main= |cruise speed alt= |never exceed speed main= |never exceed speed alt= |stall speed main= |stall speed alt= |range main= 5,741 km |range alt= 3,100 NM, 3,568 mi |range more= at 0.78 Mach |ceiling main= 13,716 m |ceiling alt= 45,000 ft |climb rate main= 25.4 m/s |climb rate alt= 5,000 ft/min |climb rate more= at 17,622 kg (38,850 lb) max gross weight |loading main= 359.5 kg/m² |loading alt= 73.52 lb/ft² |thrust/weight= |power/mass main= |power/mass alt= |more performance= |armament= |avionics= }}

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