Chain novel

Chain novel

A chain novel or "Chain Story" is written collectively by a group of authors. The novel is passed along from author to author, each adding a new chapter or section to the work, with the rule that each subsequent chapter or section should elaborate and follow the plotline of preceding chapters or sections. The legal theorist Ronald Dworkin has compared common law jurisprudence to chain novels by suggesting that judges, like chain novel authors, must elaborate and follow the laws set before them.

The Pick-up truck slid to a stop and the journey of the past 5 days was now behind her. Millie dug into her icy jeans, finding whatever money she had left to thank the old man for driving her from Maple Valley. This is where the road ends and our story begins. You see, sometimes places you never thought you'd see again are suddenly in front of you. And a lot of life is left behind you. Had she done the right thing? We may never know. But, Millie was no ordinary girl and December 25 is no ordinary day...

The story continues on through the participation of others, no one knows who/what/how things happen next except the next person to add on to the story. This method of writing is a shared project and often leads in very unexpected directions. This collaborative effort is used to stimulate creativity, and the exploration of new ideas.

One problem with chain stories is they can get very long and complicated due to the number of different people adding new bits and twists.


  • The website is an example of a chain story. Started with one seed paragraph, the story has continued to grow by each new contribution.

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