Chaim Zimmerman

Chaim Zimmerman

Rabbi Aharon Chaim Zimmerman (1915-1995) was one of the leading Rabbi of the Post-War generation. He was the son of Rabbi Yaakov Moshe Zimmerman and nephew of Rabbi Baruch Ber Lebowitz.

Education and work

He studied in RIETS and was the last student to receive rabbinical ordination from rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik.

He was Rosh Yeshiva of Hebrew Theological College in Chicago until 1964, and later a Rosh Yeshiva in New York City. His last twenty years were spent in Jerusalem. He died on February 7, 1995. (7th adar 5755)

He wrote several books on Halacha and Philosophy.

In his book Torah and Existence he writes an important piece explaining how the State of Israel is the Atchalta d'Geula (Beginning of the Redemption).


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  • Torah and Reason : Insiders and Outsiders of Torah. Jerusalem: Privately Printed, 1979.
  • Torah and Existence: Insiders and Outsiders of Torah. New York: Privately Published, 1986.
  • Torah L'Israel:State Society, Geulat Yisrael. Jerusalem ; New York : "Hed" press, c1979. Philosophical essays in English and Hebrew
  • Death of Zionism. International A.A.E., 1993.
  • Sefer Agra la-Yesharim. International A.A.E., 1983. Essays in Halacha.
  • Binyan Halakhah. On Maimonides' Mishneh Torah.
  • Agan ha-sahar. 1954. On the International Date Line and topics on Kiddush HaChodesh.
  • Malbim On The Torah, translated by Tzvi Faier. Hillel Press, 1978. Includes introductory essay by Rabbi Zimmerman.
  • he'aros chaim - about the machane efraim


  • Obituary in the journal HaPardes, May 1995. Brooklyn, NY.
  • Ruchama Shain. "All For The Boss". Feldheim, 2001. This biography of Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Herman includes some stories of Zimmerman as a young boy.

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