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Chachos were tortilla chip snacks produced by Keebler in the late 1980s/early 1990s. They were flour-based, as opposed to most common tortilla chips, which are corn-based (notably Tostitos).

Chachos were available in three varieties: Cheesey Quesodillia, cinnamon Crispana, a particularly beloved flavor by chip enthusiasts and Restaurant Style Original. As of 2006, Chachos were no longer produced or available in stores.

Similar to Chachos, Keebler produced a savory potato chip known as O'Boises. These are also no longer on the market.

The Chachos commercial jingle went like so:

We're making new Keebler Chachos,

Flour tortilla crisps!

We're making Cheesey Quesodillia

We're making Cinnamon Crispana

And Restaurant Style Original

Spicy crispy Chachos

Flour tortilla chips

New Keebler Chachos Ole!

Chachos is a registered trademark in Malaysia and Singapore for a food product made from "masa corn flour imported from USA". The product line was launched in 1997. The product line includes three flavors: Cheesy Cheese, BBQ Bonanza, and Spicy Curry.

Urban dictionary defines "Chacho" as "Short for Muchacho in Spanish. Muchacho is slang for boy or guy."

Chachos: EL SALVADOR slang for stuck together. Sample:"when you try to grab a tortilla and you take two stuck together"

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