Cetatea Alba

Cetatea-Albă County

Judeţul Cetatea-Albă was a county (judeţ) of Romania, in Bessarabia, with the capital city at Cetatea-Albă.


Neighbours of the county were Odessa Oblast of USSR to the east, countries of Tighina to the north and Ismail to the south and Cahul to the west. She was situated to Black Sea from south-east. The county was created after end of World War I.


The county consisted of 6 districts (plase) : Cazaci, Tarutina, Taslâc (Its center was Arciz), Tatar-Bunar, Tuzla (Its center was Cetatea-Albă) and Volinţiri.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms was a tree which placed to the left and the castle of Cetatea-Albă.


According to the Romanian census of 1930 the population of Cernăuţi County was 340,459, of which 20.9% were ethnic Bulgarians, 20.5% ethnic Ukranians, 18.5% Romanians, 17.3% Russians 16.3% ethnic Germans, 3.3% Jews, 3.3% Gagauz and 0.1% Armenians. Classified by religion: 79.0% were Orthodox Christian, 16.3% Lutheran, 4.7% Jews.

After 1938

After the 1938 Administrative and Constitutional Reform, this county was merged with the counties of Lăpuşna, Orhei and Tighina into Ţinutul Nistru.


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