Certified Master Safecracker

Certified Master Safecracker

Certified Master Safecracker (CMS) is an American trade qualification awarded to members of the National Safeman's Organization who have passed the required tests.

Candidates for the title must have already completed the first two levels of accreditation: Registered Safe Technician and Certified Journeyman Safecracker. Only then may they apply to take the written and practical tests to become Certified Master Safecrackers. The testing involves information detailing all aspects of the safe technician's trade, covering antique safes, GSA containers, vault doors, and high-security containers.

The written sections concentrate on testing the candidates' research and safe identification skills. The practical sections tests the individuals' actual competence (as opposed to theoretical competence) in trouble shooting, combination lock manipulation, and offset drillpoint transferring skills.

The CMS accreditation has been available to safe technicians since 1997, and is proctored by the National Safeman's Organization.


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