Cerro de Pasco

Cerro de Pasco

[ser-raw the pahs-kaw]
Cerro de Pasco, city (1991 pop. 30,000), capital of Pasco dept., central Peru. At an altitude of 13,973 ft (4,259 m), it is one of the highest cities in the world. Cerro de Pasco is noted for its silver mines, which, according to tradition, were discovered in 1630. When silver deposits declined late in the 19th cent., the exploitation of other metals, chiefly copper, again made Cerro de Pasco Peru's leading mining center. Its products include bismuth, zinc, lead, and gold. From the nearby Minasraga mines comes about 80% of the world's supply of vanadium.

Cerro de Pasco (population 70,000) is a city in central Peru. It is the capital of the Pasco region, and an important mining center. It is connected by rail to the city of Lima.

At 13,973 feet (4,380m) elevation in the Andes, it is one of the highest cities in the world. It became one of the world's richest silver producing areas after silver was discovered there in the early 1600s. Although the silver was exhausted by the Spanish, it is still an active mining center.

The mine is currently owned by Volcan Compañia Minera who bought it from Centromin when that State owned company was privatised in the 1990s. The last full year's figures (2006) gave combined production from the underground and open pit mines at 3.34 million tons containing 58,300 tonnes of lead, 155,300 tonnes of zinc and 8.5 million ounces of silver though it is not clear whether this is the metal mined or actually recovered. The ore reserve position is healthy, with 40 million tonnes in reserves and over 50 million tonnes in resources. Copper production ceased many years ago though the remains of the old smelter can be seen next to the railroad west of the Colquijirca property.

Cerro de Pasco is often the place where some Peruvian Football teams like Union Minas or Deportivo Wanka play, sometimes criticized for the height of the stadium because of the snow and lack of oxygen.


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