Cerradomys is a genus of oryzomyine rodents from southeastern Peru and eastern Bolivia and Paraguay to central Brazil in Cerrado, Caatinga and Gran Chaco habitats. The species in this genus have historically been placed in Oryzomys, but according to cladistic research, it is no more closely related to the type species of Oryzomys than species in some other genera are. Its sister group is a clade of oryzomyines living in open or aquatic habitats, comprising, among others, Aegialomys, Nectomys and Sigmodontomys. The Angouya Rice Rat (Sooretamys angouya), also formerly in Oryzomys, is also related; it has been placed in the same group as the species of Cerradomys in the past. The generic name Cerradomys is a compound of the word "Cerrado" and the Ancient Greek μῦς "mouse" and therefore means "Cerrado mouse".

The dorsal pelage is brownish, the ventral pelage, greyish. It has small ears and a relatively long tail. There are crowns of hair on the hindfeet at the bases of the claws.

In addition to its external classification, the internal classification of the group is also subject to change. Until 2002, all members of the group were placed in a single species, then called Oryzomys subflavus, but since then, four new species have been described, largely on the basis of karyotypic differences, and there may be some more. It has however already been suggested that one of the new species is not valid.

The genus currently contains the following species:


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