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List of Chicago Landmarks

Chicago Landmark is a designation of the Mayor of Chicago and the Chicago City Council for historic buildings and other sites in Chicago, Illinois, United States. Listed sites are selected after meeting a combination of criteria, including historical, economic, architectural, artistic, cultural, and social values. Once a site is designated as a landmark, it is subject to the Chicago Landmarks Ordinance, which requires that any alterations beyond routine maintenance, up to and including demolition, must have their permit reviewed by the Landmarks Commission. Many Chicago Landmarks also are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, providing federal tax support for preservation, and some are further designated National Historic Landmarks, providing additional federal oversight.


The Mayor and the City Council appoint a nine member Commission on Chicago Landmarks to develop landmark recommendations in accordance with a 1968 Chicago city ordinance. The commission considers areas, districts, places, buildings, structures, works of art, and other objects within the City of Chicago for nomination based solely on whether each meets two or more of the following criteria:

  1. Its value as an example of the architectural, cultural, economic, historic, social, or other aspect of the heritage of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, or the United States;
  2. Its location as a site of a significant historic event which may or may not have taken place within or involved the use of any existing improvements;
  3. Its identification with a person or persons who significantly contributed to architectural, cultural, economic, historic, social, or other aspect of the development of the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, or the United States;
  4. Its exemplification of an architectural type or style distinguished by innovation, rarity, uniqueness, or overall quality of design, detail, materials or craftsmanship;
  5. Its identification as the work of an architect, designer, engineer, or builder whose individual work is significant in the history or development of the City of Chicago, the State of Illinois, or the United States;
  6. Its representation of an architectural, cultural, economic, historic, social, or other theme expressed through distinctive areas, districts, places, buildings, structures, works of art, or other objects that may or may not be contiguous;
  7. Its unique location or distinctive physical appearance or presence representing an established and familiar visual feature of a neighborhood, community, or the City of Chicago.

Once the commission has determined that a candidate meets at least two of the above criteria, the group may provide a preliminary landmark designation if the candidate "has a significant historic, community, architectural or aesthetic interest or value, the integrity of which is preserved in light of its location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, and ability to express such historic, community, architectural or aesthetic interest or value.


In Chicago, the historic preservation movement initially sought to ensure the survival of individual buildings of special significance. However, the movement has evolved to include districts and neighborhoods and even encompasses distinctive areas of the natural environment. Preservation is now an integral element of urban planning and design. Three trends led to popular support of the formalization of the movement in response to extensive and far reaching destruction of Chicago's environment:

  1. government-sponsored “urban renewal”, which had resulted in destruction of some residential areas;
  2. construction of high-speed, limited-access expressways financed largely by federal highway funds, which divided neighborhoods; and
  3. the real-estate boom in response to the demand for increased office space in the Loop.

In 1957, Chicago City Council 5th ward Alderman Leon Despres began the landmark preservation movement in Chicago, by adopting the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House. This led to the formation of the City Landmarks Commission, who chose 39 buildings as "honorary" landmarks. That body evolved into the present Commission on Chicago Landmarks which was empowered by Despres's 1968 city ordinance to select and protect 12 important buildings as the inaugural official Chicago Landmarks. Although the movement was unable to save either Louis Sullivan's Garrick Theater in 1960 or Sullivan's Chicago Stock Exchange Building in 1972, the efforts spawned the Landmarks Preservation Council of Illinois in addition to the municipal Commission.

National recognition

Many landmarks have been designated with National Historic Landmark status by the United States Secretary of the Interior for historical significance. All of those and a number of other districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects worthy of preservation have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Not all Chicago Landmarks have been listed on the National Register, and not all Registered Historic Places (not even all of those that are further designated National Historic Landmarks) have been designated Chicago Landmarks. No Chicago Landmarks are classified as any other type of National Park System protected area including National Parks, National Monuments, or National Preserves. The charts below detail these designations for the city of Chicago-designated sites and the National Historic Landmarks.

List of landmarks

The following is a nearly complete listing of the Chicago Landmarks.


For consistency the list below uses the name from the Chicago Landmark website.

Chicago Landmark Designation Date Location NHL Date
35 East Wacker Building February 91994 35 E. Wacker Drive
333 North Michigan Building February 71997 333 N. Michigan Avenue
63rd Street Bathing Pavilion December 82004 South Lake Shore Drive and 63rd St
860-880 Lake Shore Drive June 101996 860-880 N. Lake Shore Drive August 281980
Dr. Wallace C. Abbott House March 12006 4605 N. Hermitage Avenue
Adams House June 161994 9326 S. Pleasant Avenue
Allerton Hotel May 291998 701 N. Michigan Avenue
All Saints Church and Rectory December 271982 4550 N. Hermitage Avenue
Alta Vista Terrace District September 151971 3800 block of N. Alta Vista Terrace (1050 W) March 161972
American School of Correspondence April 151995 850 E. 58th Street American System-Built Houses July 131994 10410 and 10541 S. Hoyne Avenue Arlington and Roslyn Place District November 151989 400-blocks of W. Arlington Place and W. Roslyn Place, between N. Clark Street and N. Lake View Avenue Arlington-Deming District September 272007 Predominantly 500- and 600-Blocks of West Arlington Place, 500- and 600-Blocks of West Deming Place, 2400-Block of North Geneva Terrace; and 2400-Block of North Orchard Street Armitage-Halsted District February 52003 Predominately W. Armitage Avenue between N. Halsted Street and N. Racine Avenue, and N. Halsted Street between W. Armitage Avenue and W. Webster Street Assumption School Building July 102003 319 W. Erie Street Astor Street District December 191975 1200-1600 blocks of N. Astor Street (and cross streets) Auditorium Building September 151976 430 S. Michigan Avenue
April 171970 May 15 1975 Bach House September 281977 7415 N. Sheridan Road
January 231979 Bachman House December 91992 1244 W. Carmen Avenue Beeson House and Coach House January 201999 5810 W. Midway Park Beverly/Morgan Railroad District April 151995 W. 91st, 95th, 99th, 107th, 111th, and 115th Streets, along the Metra railroad line Biograph Theater March 282001 2433-43 N. Lincoln Avenue May 171984 Bissell Street District September 52007 2100-Block of N. Bissell Street between Webster and Dickens Avenues Black Metropolis-Bronzeville District See external link April 301986 Blackstone Hotel May 291998 636 S. Michigan Avenue May 81986 Brewster Apartments October 61982 2800 N. Pine Grove Avenue Brooks Building January 141997 223 W. Jackson Boulevard Bryn Mawr Apartment Hotel
Belle Shore Apartment Hotel January 201999 5550 N. Kenmore Avenue
1062 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain and Garden August 302000 Bounded by S. Lake Shore Drive, E. Balbo Drive, S. Columbus Drive and E. Jackson Drive Burling Row House District November 152000 2225-2245 N. Burling Street Bush Temple of Music June 272001 100 W. Chicago Avenue Cable House October 21991 25 E. Erie Street Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool November 62002 north end of Lincoln Park Zoo at W. Fullerton Parkway February 172006 February 172006 Calumet Park Fieldhouse October 42006 9801 S. Avenue G August 21, 2003 Canaan Baptist Church of Christ Building July 262006 6657-59 S. Harvard Avenue Carbide and Carbon Building May 91996 230 N. Michigan Avenue Carson, Pirie, Scott and Company Building November 51970 1 S. State Street April 171970 May 151975 Cermak Road Bridge District April 262006 Cermak Rd., predominantly between Grove and Jefferson Streets Chapin and Gore Building January 211982 63 E. Adams Street June 271979 Charnley House August 201972 1365 N. Astor Street April 171970 August 51998 Chess Records Office and Studio May 161990 2120 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago & Alton Railway Bridge December 122007 East of Ashland Av. and North of Archer Av., Fork of the South Branch of th Chicago River Chicago & Illinois Western Railway Bridge December 122007 33rd St. and East of Kedzie Av., Slip of the Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal. Chicago & North Western Railway Powerhouse January 112006 211 N. Clinton Street Chicago & Northwestern Railway Bridge December 122007 South of Kinzie St. and East of Canal St., North Branch of the Chicago River Chicago & Western Indiana Railroad Bridge December 122007 North of 126th St. and East of Torrence Av.,Calumet River Chicago Bee Building September 91998 3647-3655 S. State Street April 301986 Chicago Board of Trade Building May 41977 141 W. Jackson Boulevard June 161978 June 21978 Chicago Building March 261996 7 W. Madison Street Chicago Defender Building September 91998 3435 S. Indiana Avenue Site of the Origin of the Chicago Fire of 1871 September 151971 W. DeKoven and S. Jefferson Streets Chicago Harbor Lighthouse April 92003 South End of the North Breakwater, North Side of the Chicago Harbor Entrance July 191984 Chicago Public Library/Cultural Center November 151976 78 E. Washington Street July 311972 Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Bridge No. Z-2 December 122007 North Cherry St. and North Av., North Branch of the Chicago River Chicago Theatre January 281983 175 N. State Street June 61979 Chicago Varnish Company Building July 252001 33 W. Kinzie Street June 142001 City Hall-County Building January 211982 121 N. LaSalle Street/118 N. Clark Street Civic Opera Building February 51998 20 N. Wacker Drive Clarke House October 141970 1855 S. Indiana Avenue May 61971 Colvin House October 51994 5940 N. Sheridan Road Congress Theater July 102002 2117-2139 N. Milwaukee Avenue / 2117-2139 N. Rockwell Avenue Continental and Commercial Bank Building December 122007 208 S. LaSalle Street Cortland Street Drawbridge July 241991 1440 W. Cortland Street Courthouse Place June 91993 54 W. Hubbard Street November 13, 1984 Crown Hall October 11997 3360 S. State Street August 72001 August 72001 Daley Center November 62002 50 W. Washington Street Dearborn Street Station March 21982 47 W. Polk Street March 261976 Delaware Building November 231983 36 W. Randolph Street July 181974 Dewes House, August March 92005 509 W. Wrightwood Avenue Dewes House, Francis J. June 121974 503 W. Wrightwood Avenue August 141973 Dexter Building July 311996 630 S. Wabash Avenue R.R. Donnelley and Sons Co. Calumet Plant March 312004 350 E. Cermak Road Stephen A. Douglas Tomb September 281977 E. 35th Street and S. Cottage Grove Avenue May 281976 Dover Street District December 122007 Predominantly 4500-, 4600- and 4700-Blocks of North Dover Street; and four properties located at 4742-4754 North Beacon Street Drake Fountain March 102004 92nd Street at South Chicago and Exchange Avenues. DuPont-Whitehouse House April 161996 3558 S. Artesian Avenue East Lake Shore Drive District April 181985 140 E. Walton Street, 179-229 E. Lake Shore Drive, and 999 N. Lake Shore Drive East Village District January 112006 Four sections primarily situated on N. Winchester Ave., N. Wolcott Ave., N. Honore St., and N. Hermitage Ave. between Chicago Ave. and Division St. Eighth Church of Christ, Scientist June 91993 4359 S. Michigan Avenue Eighth Regiment Armory September 91998 3533 S. Giles Avenue April 301986 Elam House March 211979 4726 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Drive Elks National Memorial Headquarters Building October 12003 2750 N. Lakeview Avenues Eliel House October 21991 4122 S. Ellis Avenue Engine Company 5, Truck 2 October 12003 324 S. DesPlaines Avenue Engine Company 45, Truck 15 October 12003 4600 S. Cottage Grove Avenue Engine Company 59, Truck 47 October 12003 5714 N. Ridge Avenue Engine Company 61 October 12003 5349 S. Wabash Avenue Engine Company 65, Truck 52 October 12003 3000 W. 42nd Street Engine Company 78 October 12003 1052 W. Waveland Avenue Engine Company 84, Truck 51 October 12003 6204 S. Green Street Engine Company 129, Truck 50 October 12003 8120 S. Ashland Avenue (Former) Engine Company 27 October 12003 1244 N. Wells Street (Former) Engine Company 35, Truck 28 October 12003 1625 N. Damen Avenue (Former) Engine Company 42 Firehouse October 12003 228 W. Illinois Street (Former) Engine Company 86 October 12003 2414 W. Cuyler Avenue (Former) Engine Company 104, Truck 3 October 12003 1401 S. Michigan Avenue Essanay Studios March 261996 1333-45 W. Argyle Street F.R. Schock House January 201999 5804 W. Midway Park Farwell Building March 102004 664 N. Michigan Avenue Field Building February 91994 135 S. LaSalle Street Fine Arts Building June 71978 410 S. Michigan Avenue August 111975 First Baptist Congregational Church January 211982 60 N. Ashland Avenue First Church of Deliverance October 51994 4315 S. Wabash Avenue Fisher Building June 71978 343 S. Dearborn Street March 161976 Fisher Studio Houses July 311996 1209 N. State Parkway Five Houses on Avers District March 21994 1942-2102 S. Avers Avenue Florsheim Shoe Company Building March 292006 3963 W. Belmont Avenue Former Chicago Historical Society Building February 261997 632 N. Dearborn Street November 281978 Site of Fort Dearborn September 151971 Intersection of N. Michigan Avenue and E. Wacker Drive Foster House and Stable May 91996 12147 S. Harvard Avenue Four Houses by Architect Frederick Schock January 201999 5749 and 5804 W. Race Avenue and 5804 and 5810 W. Midway Park Fremont Row House District March 102004 2100-2144 N. Fremont Street Gage Group September 111996 18, 24 and 30 S. Michigan Avenue November 141985 Garfield Boulevard \\"L\\" Station and Overpass December 122001 319 E. Garfield Boulevard Gauler Twin Houses June 282000 5917 and 5921 N. Magnolia Avenue June 171977 Henry Gerber House June 62001 1710 N. Crilly Court Getty Tomb March 101971 Graceland Cemetery, N. Clark Street and W. Irving Park Road February 151974 Glessner House October 141970 1800 S. Prairie Avenue April 171970 January 7 1976 Goldblatt Bros. Department Store April 11998 1613-35 W. Chicago Avenue November 152006 Greenwood Row House District December 82004 5200-44 S. Greenwood Avenue Walter Burley Griffin Place District November 131981 1600-1800 blocks of W. Griffin Place (formerly West 104th Place) Groesbeck House January 121993 1304 W. Washington Boulevard February 41993


Chicago Landmark Designation Date Location NRHP Date Harris and Selwyn Theaters March 311983 180-190 N. Dearborn Street
Haskell-Barker-Atwater Buildings November 131996 18, 22, 28 S. Wabash Avenue
Hawthorne Place District March 261996 530-593 W. Hawthorne Place
Site of the Haymarket Tragedy March 251992 151-199 N. Desplaines Street February 181997 February 181997
Hazelton-Mikota House July 272005 5453 N. Forest Glen Avenue
Heald Square Monument September 151971 E. Wacker Drive at N. Wabash Avenue
Heller House September 151971 5132 S. Woodlawn Avenue March 161972 August 182004
Heyworth Building August 302000 29 E. Madison Street
Hitchcock House July 71992 5704 W. Ohio Street December 301974
Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral and Rectory March 211979 1121 N. Leavitt Street March 161976
Home Bank and Trust Building February 62008 1200-08 N. Ashland Avenue/1600-12 W. Division Street
Hotel St. Benedict Flats March 261996 40-52 E. Chicago Avenue September 1, 1995
Hull House June 121974 800 S. Halsted Street October 151966 June 231965
Humboldt Park Boathouse Pavilion November 131996 1301 N. Humboldt Drive February 201992
Humboldt Park Receptory Building and Stable February 62008 3015 W. Division Street
Hutchinson Street August 311977 600 through 900 blocks of W. Hutchinson Street
Site of the Origins of the I&M Canal May 91996 2800 block of S. Ashland Avenue, along the south fork of the South Branch of the Chicago River
IBM Building (330 North Wabash) February 62008 330 N. Wabash Street
Iglehart House July 131994 11118 S. Artesian Avenue
Illinois Central Railroad Swing Bridge December 122007 North of 35th Street between Pulaski and Lawndale Avenue, Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal
Illinois Central Railroad Swing Bridge December 122007 North of Stevenson Expressway, East of Kedzie Av., Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal
Illinois-Indiana State Line Boundary Marker September 42002 S. Avenue G, near E. 103rd Street (located on the Illinois-Indiana State Boundary Line)
Immaculata High School and Convent Buildings July 271983 640 W. Irving Park Road and 4030 N. Marine Drive August 301977
Indian Boundary Park Fieldhouse May 112005 2500 W. Lunt Avenue
Inland Steel Building October 7 1998 30 W. Monroe Street
Jackson Boulevard District and Extension November 151976;
extended July 301997
1500-blocks of W. Jackson and W. Adams; 200-block of S. Ashland
Jackson Park Highlands District October 251989 6700-7100 blocks of S. Bennett, Constance, Cregier and Euclid Avenues; 1800-2000 blocks of W. 68th, 69th and 70th Streets
Jackson-Thomas House October 161984 7053 N. Ridge Boulevard
Jewelers' Building December 181981 15-17 S. Wabash Avenue August 71974
Jewelers Row District July 92003 N. and S. Wabash Avenue, predominantly between E. Washington and E. Monroe Streets
Jewish People's Institute June 282000 3500 W. Douglas Boulevard November 151978
Site of the John and Mary Jones House May 262004 Southwest corner of W. 9th Street and S. Plymouth Court
K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Temple April 16 1996 1100 E. Hyde Park Boulevard
Kaufmann Store and Flats April 16 1996 2312-14 N. Lincoln Avenue
Keck-Gottschalk-Keck Apartments August 3 1994 5551 S. University Avenue
Kenna Apartments September 12 1990 2214 E. 69th Street
Kent House March 18 1987 2944 S. Michigan Avenue November 171977
Kenwood District June 29 1979 Bounded by E. 47th and E. 51st Streets, S. Blackstone and S. Drexel Avenues
King-Nash House February 10 1988 3234 W. Washington Boulevard February 10, 1983
Krause Music Store September 28 1977 4611 N. Lincoln Avenue May 312006
Lake-Franklin Group February 26 1997 227-235 W. Lake Street and 173-191 N. Franklin Street
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway Bridges (Pair) December 122007 East of the Chicago Skyway and North of 98th St., Calumet River]]
Laramie State Bank Building June 14 1995 5200 W. Chicago Avenue
LaSalle Street Cable Car Powerhouse June 27 2001 500 N. LaSalle Street
Lathrop House May 9 1973 120 E. Bellevue Place February 151974
Leiter II Building January 14 1997 403 S. State Street January 71976 January 71976
Abraham Lincoln Monument December 12 2001 In Lincoln Park at N. Dearborn Parkway
Lion House November 302005 Lincoln Park Zoo
Logan Square Boulevards District November 12005 Generally Logan, Kedzie, Palmer, and Humboldt Boulevards (north of Cortland St.) November 20, 1985
London Guarantee Building April 16 1996 360 N. Michigan Avenue
Longwood Drive District November 13 1981 9800-11000 blocks of S. Longwood Drive; 10400-10700 blocks of S. Seeley Avenue
Ludington Building June 10 1996 1104 S. Wabash Avenue May 81980
Madonna della Strada Chapel November 32004 6453 N. Kenmore Avenue
Madlener House March 22 1973 4 W. Burton Place October 151970
Main Building and Machinery Hall, Illinois Institute of Technology May 262004 3300-20 S. Federal Street & 100 W. 33rd Street August 12, 2005
Majestic Building and Theater May 112005 22 W. Monroe Street
Manhattan Building July 7 1978 431 S. Dearborn Street March 161976
Marie Schock House January 20 1999 5749 W. Race Avenue
Marquette Building June 91975 140 S. Dearborn Street August 171973 January 71976
Marshall Field and Company Building November 12005 111 N. State Street June 2, 1978 June 2, 1978
Mather Tower March 7 2001 75 E. Wacker Drive
McCormick Double House October 62005 660 N. Rush Street
McCormick Row House District May 4 1977 800-block of W. Chalmers; 832-58 W. Belden; 833-927 W. Fullerton Avenue
McGill House April 262006 4938 S. Drexel Boulevard
McGraw-Hill Building February 7 1997 520 N. Michigan Avenue
Medinah Temple June 27 2001 600 N. Wabash Avenue
Metropolitan Apostolic Community Church Building July 192007 4100 S. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive
Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church February 16 1989 2151 W. Washington Boulevard
Michigan Avenue Bridge and Esplanade October 2 1991 Chicago River, between Michigan and Wabash Avenues
Historic Michigan Boulevard District February 27 2002 Michigan Avenue, between 11th and Randolph Streets
Mid-North District August 31 1977 Bounded by Fullerton Avenue, Armitage Avenue, Lincoln Avenue and Clark Street
Mid-North District Extension September 292004 Cobden Apartments: 418-24 W. Belden Ave. / 2300-24 N. Clark Street
Benson Apartments: 428-38 W. Belden Ave.
Miller House December 1 1993 7121 S. Paxton Avenue August 231991
Milwaukee-Diversey-Kimball District February 92005 Generally at the intersection of Milwaukee, Diversey, and Kimball Avenues
Monadnock Block November 14 1973 53 W. Jackson Boulevard November 201970
Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalog House May 17 2000 600-618 W. Chicago Avenue June 21978 June 21978
Motor Row District December 13 2000 1444, 1454, 1737, 1925, 2000 S. Michigan Avenue, 2200-2500 blocks of S. Michigan Avenue, 2246-3453 S. Indiana Avenue, and 2211-47 S. Wabash Avenue November 182002
Mundelein College Skyscraper Building December 132006 1020 W. Sheridan Road May 31, 1980
Museum of Science and Industry November 1 1995 57th Drive at Lake Shore Drive
Navy Pier Headhouse and Auditorium November 14 1977 Grand Avenue and Streeter Drive at Lake Michigan September 131979
New Regal Theater June 17 1992 1641 E. 79th Street
Newport Avenue District February 92005 Newport Avenue, between Halsted and Clark Streets
New York Life Insurance Building July 262006 37-43 S. LaSalle St.
Nickerson House September 28 1977 40 E. Erie Street November 71976
Noble-Seymour-Crippen House May 11 1988 5624 N. Newark Avenue August 102000
North Kenwood District June 9 1993 4500-block of S. Berkeley Avenue, as well as surrounding historic structures in an area bounded by 43rd Street, 47th Street, Cottage Grove Avenue, and the Illinois Central Railroad tracks.
Northwestern University Settlement House December 1 1993 1400 W. Augusta Boulevard
Site of First Self-Sustaining Nuclear Reaction October 27 1971 5600 block of South Ellis Avenue October 151966 February 181965
Oakdale Avenue District March 292006 800 Block of Oakdale between Halsted St. and Mildred Ave
Oakland District March 25 1992 4100 block of S. Berkeley Avenue, as well as surrounding historic structures in an area bounded by 35th Street, 43rd Street, Cottage Grove Avenue, and the Illinois Central Railroad tracks
Old Chicago Coast Guard Station (now Chicago Marine Safety Station) December 122007 Lake Michigan near the mouth of the Chicago River
Old Colony Building July 7 1978 407 S. Dearborn Street January 21976
Old Dearborn Bank Building June 42003 203 N. Wabash Avenue
Old Edgebrook District December 14 1988 Bounded by Central and Devon Avenues, the North Branch of the Chicago River, and the Edgebrook Golf Course
Old Town Triangle District September 28 1977 Bounded by N. Lincoln Avenue, W. North Avenue, N. Wells Street, and the former Ogden right-of-way November 81984
Oliver Building May 9 1984 159 N. Dearborn Street December 81983
One North LaSalle Building April 16 1996 1 N. LaSalle Street November 221999
On Leong Merchants Association Building December 1 1993 2216 S. Wentworth Avenue
Overton Hygienic Building September 9 1998 3619-27 S. State Street April 301986


Chicago Landmark Designation Date Location NRHP Date Page Brothers Building January 28 1983 177-91 N. State Street June 51975
Palliser's Cottage Home No. 35 February 16 2000 2314 W. 111th Place
Palmer House Hotel December 132006 17 E. Monroe Street
Palmolive Building February 16 2000 919 N. Michigan Avenue August 212003
Pate-Comiskey House October 12003 5131 S. Michigan Avenue
Pennsylvania Railroad Bridge December 122007 Near 19th St., East of Lumber St., South Branch of the Chicago River
Pennsylvania Railroad "Eight Track" Bridge December 122007 South of 31st St., West of Western Av., Chicago Sanitary & Ship Canal
Peoples Gas Irving Park Neighborhood Store March 18 1987 4839 W. Irving Park Road
Peoples Gas South Chicago Neighborhood Store April 16 1996 8935 S. Commercial Avenue
Perkins, Fellows & Hamilton Office and Studio December 1 1993 814 N. Michigan Avenue
Henry V. Peters House May 52004 4731 N. Knox Avenue
Wendell Phillips High School May 7 2003 244 E. Pershing Road
Pilgrim Baptist Church December 18 1981 3301 S. Indiana Avenue April 261973
Pittsfield Building November 6 2002 55 E. Washington Street
Powhatan Apartments January 12 1993 4950 S. Chicago Beach Drive
Prairie Avenue District December 27 1979 1800 and 1900-blocks of S. Prairie Avenue, 1800-block of S. Indiana Avenue, and 211-217 E. Cullerton Street November 151972
Printing House Row District May 9 1996 500- through 800-blocks of S. Dearborn Street, S. Federal Street and S. Plymouth Court January 71976 January 71976
Pulaski Park Fieldhouse July 292003 1419 W. Blackhawk Street
Pullman District October 16 1972 (South section)
June 9 1993 (North section)
Roughly bounded by E. 104th Street, E. 115th Street, S. Cottage Grove Avenue and S. Langley Sts. October 81969 December 301970
Quinn Chapel August 13 1977 2401 S. Wabash Avenue September 41979
Raber House April 16 1996 5760 S. Lafayette Avenue
Race House September 22 1988 3945 N. Tripp Avenue
Rath House December 1 1993 2703 W. Logan Boulevard
Reebie Storage Warehouse September 1 1999 2325-33 N. Clark Street March 211979
Reid, Murdoch & Co. Building November 15 1976 320 N. Clark Street August 281975
Reliance Building July 11 1995 32 N. State Street October 151970 January 71976
Roanoke Building and Tower December 122007 11 South LaSalle Street
Roberts Temple Church of God in Christ Building March 292006 4021 S. State Street
Robie House September 15 1971 5757 S. Woodlawn Avenue October 151966 November 271963
Rockefeller Memorial Chapel November 32004 1156-1180 E. 59th Street
Roloson Houses December 27 1979 3213-19 S. Calumet Avenue June 301977
Rookery Building July 5 1972 209 S. LaSalle Street April 171970 May 151975
Rosehill Cemetery Entrance October 16 1980 5800 N. Ravenswood Avenue April 241975
Carl Sandburg House October 42006 4646 N. Hermitage Avenue
Wigwam (Site of the Sauganash Hotel) November 62002 Lake Street and Market (now Wacker Drive)
Schlect House January 20 1999 5804 W. Race Avenue
Schoenhofen Brewery July 13 1988 18th Street and Canalport Avenue December 271978
Schurz High School December 7 1979 3601 N. Milwaukee Avenue
Sears, Roebuck and Company Administration Building September 4 2002 3333 W. Arthington Street June 2 1978 June 2 1978
Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago September 28 1977 1936 S. Michigan Avenue December 271974
Seven Houses on Lake Shore Drive District June 28 1989 1250-60 and 1516-30 N. Lake Shore Drive
Sexton School June 7 1978 160 W. Wendell Street
Shedd Park Fieldhouse February 112004 3600 W. 23rd Street December 30, 1974
Soldiers' Home April 16 1996 739 E. 35th Street
South Pond Refectory
Men's and Ladies' Comfort Station
February 5 2003 2021 N. Stockton Drive
2019 N. Stockton Drive
South Side Community Art Center June 16 1994 3831 S. Michigan Avenue
South Shore Cultural Center May 262004 7059 South Shore Drive March 4, 1975
Statue of the Republic June 4 2003 Jackson Park, at the intersection of Hayes and Richards Drives
St. Charles Air Line Bridge December 122007 North of 16th and East of Lumber St., S. Branch of the Chicago River
St. Gelasius Church Building (originally St. Clara Church) January 142004 6401-09 S. Woodlawn
St. Ignatius College Prep Building March 18 1987 1076 W. Roosevelt Road November 171977
Steuben Club Building July 262006 188 W. Randolph Street
Sunset Cafe September 9 1998 315 E. 35th Street
Supreme Life Building September 9 1998 3501 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Drive
Surf-Pine Grove District July 192007 Predominantly 400- and 500-Blocks of West Surf Street and 2800-Block of North Pine Grove Avenue
Lorado Taft's Midway Studios December 1 1993 6016 S. Ingleside Avenue October 151966 December 211965
Terra Cotta Row District September 142005 Four buildings and decorative wall located at Oakdale and Seminary Avenues
Thalia Hall October 25 1989 1215-25 W. 18th Street
Third Unitarian Church February 6, 2008 301 N. Mayfield Avenue
Theurer-Wrigley House August 10 1979 2466 N. Lakeview Avenue July 281980
Three Arts Club June 10 1981 1300 N. Dearborn Street
Tree Studios, Annexes, and Courtyard State Street building, February 26 1997
Ohio Street and Ontario Street annexes and courtyard, June 27 2001
601-623 N. State Street, 4-10 E. Ohio Street and 3-7 E. Ontario Street December 161974
Tribune Tower February 1 1989 435 N. Michigan Avenue
Truevine Missionary Baptist Church Building February 72007 6720 S. Stewart Avenue
Trustees System Service Building January 142004 201 N. Wells Street September 3, 1998
Turzak House December 9 1992 7059 N. Olcott Avenue
Ukrainian Village District December 4 2002, extended July 272005 and April 112007 Portions of the area bounded by Chicago Ave., Damen Ave., Division St., and Western Ave.
Union Station May 1 2002 210 S. Canal Street
Union Stock Yard Gate February 241972 Exchange Avenue and Peoria Street December 271972 May 291981
Unity Hall September 9 1998 3140 S. Indiana Avenue April 301986
Uptown Theatre October 2 1991 4816 N. Broadway Street November 20 1986
Victory Monument September 9 1998 35th Street and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Drive April 301986
Villa District November 23 1983 3600 through 3800-blocks of N. Avers, Hamlin, Harding and Springfield Avenues September 111979
Wabash Avenue YMCA September 9 1998 3763 S. Wabash Avenue April 301986
Waller Apartments March 2 1994 2840-58 W. Walnut Street
Walser House March 30 1984 42 N. Central Avenue
James Ward Public School September 142005 2703 S. Shields Avenue
Washington Block January 14 1997 40 N. Wells Street
Washington Park Court District October 21991 4900-4959 S. Washington Park Court; and 417-439 E. 50th Street
Washington Square Park, Chicago May 161991 901 N. Clark Street May 201991
Washington Square Historic District (Chicago) May 161991 Washington Square Park, N. Dearborn St., from W. Walton St. to W. Chicago Avenue. August 212003
Washington Square District Extension July 102002
Washington Square District Extension, Isaac Maynard Row Houses May 112005 119-123 W. Delaware Place
Old Chicago Water Tower District October 6 1971;
amended June 10 1981
806/821 N. Michigan Avenue April 231975
Ida B. Wells - Barnett House October 2 1995 3624 S. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Drive May 301974 May 301974
West Town State Bank Building October 12003 2400 W. Madison Street
Wheeler-Kohn House February 5 1998 2018 S. Calumet Avenue August 121999
Whistle Stop Inn December 5 1990 4200 W. Irving Park Road
Wicker Park District April 12 1991 Bounded by Bell Avenue, Caton Street, Leavitt Street, Potomac Avenue and "L" tracks
Wingert House July 31 1990 6231 N. Canfield Avenue
Woman's Athletic Club October 2 1991 626 N. Michigan Avenue
Wood-Maxey-Boyd House October 12003 2801 S. Prairie Avenue
Wrigley Field February 112004 1060 W. Addison Street
Yale Apartments April 9 2003 6565 S. Yale Avenue March 51998
Yondorf Block and Hall July 25 2001 758 W. North Avenue November 13, 1984

Registered Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks not designated Chicago Landmarks

There are approximately 200 Registered Historic Places in Chicago that are not also designated Chicago Landmarks. Of these, 13 are further designated as U.S. National Historic Landmarks:

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Landmark NRHP Date
Abbott, Robert S. House December 8 1976 December 8 1976
Adler Planetarium February 27 1987 February 27 1987
Columbus Park (Chicago) July 31 2003 July 31 2003
Compton, Arthur H., House May 11 1976 May 11 1976
DePriest, Oscar Stanton, House May 15 1975 May 15 1975
Du Sable, Jean Baptiste Point, Homesite May 11 1976 May 11 1976
Lillie, Frank R., House May 11 1976 May 11 1976
Millikan, Robert A., House May 11 1976 May 11 1976
Orchestra Hall April 19 1994 March 21 1978
Room 405, George Herbert Jones Laboratory May 28 1967 May 28 1967
Shedd Aquarium February 27 1987 February 27 1987
U-505 (German Submarine) June 29 1989 June 29 1989
Williams, Daniel Hale, House May 15 1975 May 15 1975