Ceasefire Agreement

April 8 Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement

Following the escalation of the Darfur conflict in the Sudan, Chad brokered negotiations in N'Djamena in 2004, leading to the April 8 Humanitarian Ceasefire Agreement between the Sudanese government and the two rebel groups, the Sudanese Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) and the Sudanese Liberation Army (SLA). Other signatories on April 8 were Chad and the African Union. The ceasefire was to come into effect on April 11, 2004.

A group splintered from the JEM in April — the National Movement for Reform and Development — which did not participate in the April cease-fire talks or agreement. Janjaweed and rebel attacks have continued since the ceasefire.

The African Union formed a Ceasefire Commission (CFC) to monitor observance of the April ceasefire.

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