CDex is a CD ripper for Microsoft Windows. Released under the GNU General Public License, CDex is free software. As of August 2007, it is the 8th most popular download on, with over 32 million downloads. It is developed and maintained by Georgy Berdyshev. It was originally written by Albert L. Faber.


CDex is able to convert CD audio into several formats including WAV, MP3 (using the LAME encoder), Ogg Vorbis, VQF, Musepack, APE, and many others. As of version 1.70b2 FLAC encoding is native, but for version 1.51 FLAC and other codecs can be utilized by using an external encoder. For convenience, it supports CD-Text to allow ripped tracks, with reduced user effort, to have the names of songs, artists and albums. It also includes cdparanoia for robust CD reading.


In January 2006, the CDex homepage requested a new project manager and developer, implying that Albert L. Faber has abandoned development of CDex. On 2006-06-05, CDex 1.70 Beta 1 was released via the website. It is the first official update to the program in almost three years, with CDex 1.70 Beta 2 following soon after on 2006-06-23.

On 2007-06-30, one day after the release of the GPLv3, the license has been updated.

Related Projects

There are several projects using parts of CDex, mainly the cd-ripping library (CDRip.dll) that has been developed for CDex. BonkEnc (Homepage), an encoder for multiple audioformats utilizes this library for example. Another related program is LameFE (Homepage, Development page) which has similar functionality but focuses on batch-ripping of multiple CDs and offers a simpler interface for novice users. Apart from the GUI LameFE and CDex share a large portion of their code-base.


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