Cavaliere Pier Francesco Moranzone

Artists in biographies by Giovanni Baglione

Le Vite de’ Pittori, Scultori, Architetti, ed Intagliatori dal Pontificato di Gregorio XII del 1572. fino a’ tempi de Papa Urbano VIII. nel 1642. (Lives of the painters, sculptors, architects, and engravers during the papacies of Gregory XII in 1572 to Urban VIII in 1642) by Giovanni Baglione Romano was first published in 1642. It represents an encyclopedic compendium of the artists active in Rome during late Mannerism and early Baroque, though like all biographies of the time, it is contains numerous errors.

The list below contains, in order, the artist biography. The edition was published posthumously with an appendix history of Salvator Rosa by Giovanni Battista Passari, was published in Naples in 1733. The biography is structured as a series of days (giornata) for each papacy, recalling the artists active in Rome during that time.

First day: Works of Gregory XIII

Second day (Sixtus V)

Third day (Clement VIII)

Fourth day Paul V

Fifth Day Urban VIII



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