Cavalia is an equestrian program from Canada, involving trick riding, vaulting, haute école and pas de deux, unbridled displays, and Cirque du Soleil-like performances.

Cavalia was created and directed by Normand Latourelle, one of the original founders of Cirque du Soleil. The musical score was composed by Michel Cusson.

The tour uses 64 horses, all of them either stallions or geldings. Thirteen horses are Lusitanos (and brothers or half-brothers), and the remainder are Canadian Horses, American Quarter Horses, Paint horses, Belgians, Percherons, Arabians, and a young Appaloosa colt. About half of the horses were brought from southern France and the rest are from the United States.

The show is performed in the largest tent in North America, a 2440 m² (26,300 ft²) big top, and takes 40 people 12 days to erect and 7 days to dismantle. The stable adds on another 1070 m² (11,500 ft²), and it takes 45 trucks to move the whole show. The 46m (150 ft) wide stage takes 1500 tons of sand to complete.

The horses are only asked to practise one hour each day, and get two hours each day for play. They only perform for 5-10 minutes per show, 7-8 times each week, and the horses are trained to understudy for each other so different horses can be given the day off.

The equine stars

The stars of the show are the horses, about half stallions and half geldings (there are no mares). These horses eat 40 bales of hay per day, and consume 900 kg (1980 lb) of grain and 20 kg (44 lb) of carrots each week. Many of the horses have their mane braided when not performing, and Templado's knee-length mane takes 90 minutes to complete.

  • Aétès: White stallion, Spanish-Frison

  • Amigo: Black gelding, Paint

  • Aramis: Black foal, Arabian

  • Arete: Grey gelding, Percheron

  • Bandit: Dark bay gelding Quarter Horse

  • Bandolero: Albino stallion, Lusitano

  • Ben: Dark sorrel gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Buddy: Blonde sorrel gelding, Belgian

  • Bungee: Buckskin gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Choice: Dark bay gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Chucaro: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Coffee: Black gelding, Percheron

  • Comet: Blonde sorrel gelding, Belgian

  • Dao: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Eddy: Brown bay gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Edros: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Famoso: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Fasto: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Gracil: Buckskin stallion, Lusitano

  • Guizo: Black stallion, Lusitano

  • Hades: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Hollywood: Sorrel gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Iman: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Joe: Sorrel gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Kiwi: Dark Bay gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Lorenzo: Dark bay gelding, Warmblood

  • Mandarin: Buckskin stallion, Lusitano

  • Penultimo: White gelding, Spanish

  • Pico: Appaloosa gelding

  • Pompon: Blonde sorrel foal, Quarter Horse

  • Popeye: Bay stallion, Quarter Horse

  • T-Bar: Dark Bay stallion, Quarter Horse

  • Templado: White stallion, Lusitano

  • Toby: Sorrel gelding, Quarter Horse

  • Zazabelou: Buckskin stallion, Lusitano

  • Zorro: Black gelding, Quarter Horse

The human stars

The show also features over 20 human stars from Canada, and also from France, Kyrgyzstan, United States, Mexico, and Morocco.

  • Mohamed Achoune: Acrobatics, tumbling, dancing, Chinese pole
  • Christine Bédard: Russian bar
  • Estelle Delgado: Dressage, trick riding, Roman riding
  • Magali Delgado: Equestrian Co-Director, trainer, dressage
  • Anne De Lottinville: Aerial acrobatics, dancing, bungee, vertical rope
  • Marco Dieckmann: Russian bar
  • Thomas Fahey: Trick riding
  • Caleb Carinci-Asch: Trick riding
  • Yves Gagnon: Russian bar
  • Samuel Hafrad: Trick riding, dancing
  • Rachel Jacobs: Dancing, bungee, vertical rope
  • Dosbergen Kozugulov: Trick riding, dancing
  • Brenna McHugh: Dressage, jumping
  • Adam Menzies: Acrobatics
  • Marie-Élaine Mongeau: Hand to hand, dancing, bungee, acrobatics, trampoline
  • Faiçal Moulid: Acrobatics, tumbling, dancing, trampoline
  • Mustapha Moulid: Acrobatics, vaulting, tumbling, dancing, percussion
  • Majorie Nadeau: Acrobatics, bungee, trampoline, vertical rope
  • Maxime Panteleenko: Straps
  • Landon Pearson: Trick riding, lasso
  • Alexandre Philippe: Trick riding
  • Frédéric Pignon: Equestrian Co-Director, trainer, liberty, dressage
  • Mathieu Pignon: Trick riding
  • El Hassan Rais: Acrobatics, tumbling, dancing
  • Nadia Richer: Aerial acrobatics, dancing, acrobatics, bungee, vertical rope
  • Andrzej Sokolowski: Acrobatics
  • Renny Spencer; Trick riding, lasso
  • Enrique Suarez: Vaulting, Roman riding, dressage, trick riding
  • Cédrik Texier: Jumping, dressage
  • Philippe Tezenas: Trick riding, Roman riding, acrobatics
  • Philippe Trépanier: Hand to hand, Russian bar, dancing

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