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Cautiousness is a faculty from the discipline of Phrenology.


Sensible Cautiousness

Moderately developed, cautiousness brings balanced circumspection, the capacity to act prudently and carefully.

Excessive Cautiousness

Cautiousness is a negative energetical faculty. It stands for fear and shyness and will slow down activity. An overdeveloped cautiousness will give a shy and fearful subject, with procrastination, irresolution and indecision.

The Opposite of Cautiousness

A negative cautiousness stands for reckless action, imprudence, immoderation.


On the sides of the skull, slightly behind the perpendicular line.

Interaction with other faculties

  • Cautiousness + Affection: fear to hurt other people, thus tact, friendliness
  • Cautiousness + Approbativeness: fear for other people's opinion, not daring to tell the truth.
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