Catatonia Platinum Collection (album)

Catatonia Platinum Collection (album)

Catatonia's Platinum Collection is a compilation album of the bands songs ranging from 1994 to 2001. Although the band released a Greatest Hits in 2002. Unlike that compilation, the Platinum Collection includes songs from their early EPs released prior to the 1996 album "Way Beyond Blue". The Platinum Collection contains no previously unreleased tracks, but is said to be "remastered", however there is no discernable difference in comparison with previous releases.

This release also contained a higher ratio of non-single releases than the Greatest Hits, instead seemingly favouring B-Sides and album tracks more.

Track listing

  1. "Sweet Catatonia"
  2. "Lost Cat" (Single)
  3. "You've Got a Lot to Answer For" (Single)
  4. "Dimbran" (B-Side)
  5. "For Tinkerbell" (Single)
  6. "Mulder and Scully" (Single)
  7. "Road Rage" (Single)
  8. "I'm Cured" (B-Side)
  9. "Strange Glue" (Single)
  10. "International Velvet"
  11. "She's a Millionaire"
  12. "Storm the Palace"
  13. "Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised"
  14. "Bulimic Beats"
  15. "Godspeed"
  16. "The Mother of Misogyny"
  17. "Imaginary Friend"
  18. "All Girls Are Fly" (B-Side)
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