A Catador (Plural: Catadores) is a cigar taster/tester in Cuba.

As part of their quality control, cigar factories employ a team to test a random selection of each Torcedor's (Cigar roller) production, so every week the work of each torcedor will have been blind tested.

A Catador will only smoke a small portion of each cigar, and will score each cigar on a scale From "Poor" to "Excellent" on the following:

  • Appearance and construction
  • Aroma
  • Burn
  • Draw
  • Consistency
  • Strength
  • Flavour
  • Quality

In any single session, they will test between 3 and 5 cigars and only drink unsweetened black tea between each cigar tested. The majority of the tests take place in mornings only.


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