Carolyn Beug

Carolyn Beug

Carolyn Ann Mayer-Beug (1953–September 11 2001) was a filmmaker and video producer from Santa Monica, California.

She was killed at the age of 48 in the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 in the September 11, 2001 attacks. She won an award for the Van Halen music video to their song "Right Now," which she produced. At the time of her death, Carolyn Beug was working on a children's book about Noah's Ark which was to be told from Noah's wife's point of view. On the plane with her was her mother, Mary Alice Wahlstrom. Beug was survived by her twin eighteen-year-old daughters Lauren and Lindsey Mayer-Beug, her 13-year-old son, Nicky, and her husband, John Beug, a senior vice president in charge of filmed production for Warner Brothers' record division. She was returning home from taking her daughters to college at the Rhode Island School of Design.

Beug also directed two Dwight Yoakum videos "Ain't That Lonely Yet" (which was filmed in Los Angeles, California the day of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings) and "Thousand Miles from Nowhere."

She lived in a Tudor-style home in the North 25th Street neighborhood. She hosted an annual backyard barbecue for the Santa Monica High School girls track team, which her daughters captained. Carolyn was a Latter-day Saint.

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