Caro y Cuervo Institute

Instituto Caro y Cuervo

The Instituto Caro y Cuervo (EN: Caro and Cuervo Institute) is an educative center specialized in Spanish literature, philology and linguistics, oriented to research and promotion of the reading habits in Colombia. This institute produces editions of Colombian authors and politics of preservation of the bibliographic national heritage. The institute was named after two of the main Colombian linguists, Miguel Antonio Caro and Rufino Jose Cuervo.

The Institute was created by orders of the Colombian government in 1942. Its first assignment was the creation of the dictionary of Spanish language regimen (Diccionario de Construcción y Régimen de la Lengua Castellana), yearly re-edited, which is recognized and used in all Latin America and Spain.

Caro y Cuervo has been recognized and awarded several times with important prizes such as the Prince of Asturias Awards and the Bartolome de las Casas Prize during the Spanish Language Conference in Valladolid, Spain (2001).

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