Carlton Cinema

Carlton Cinema

Carlton Cinema was a British television channel run by Carlton Television, dedicated to showing films. It launched on 15 November 1998 on the OnDigital platform, as part of a group of five Carlton owned channels (the others being Carlton Select, Carlton World, Carlton Kids, and Carlton Food Network). The first film shown was the 1953 film Genevieve. It launched on cable in March 2000.

Unlike other UK movie channels, sometimes cartoons would be shown between the films. These were mainly Betty Boop ones, though Famous Studios' Screen Songs and some Merrie Melodies/Looney Tunes would also sometimes be seen.

Carlton Cinema was also the only channel on DTT that ever carried an analogue teletext stream. It carried just a single P100 for ONrequest prompts.

The channel struggled after ITV Digital (as OnDigital was now known) closed in May 2002. Talks to launch the channel on Sky Digital fell through, and the channel closed at 11.40pm on 31 March 2003, the last out of the five channels to do so. The final film shown was the 1981 neo-film noir Body Heat.

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