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Schönborn is the name of a German noble family and their (former) territory, see List of rulers of Schönborn.

This family counts several prelates of the Roman Catholic Church:

  • Johann Philipp von Schönborn (1605-1673), Archbishop of Mainz, Bishop of Würzburg and Worms. His contemporaries gave him the honourable titles of "The Wise", "The German Solomon", and "The Cato of Germany"
  • Lothar Franz von Schönborn. Nephew of the above, was Archbishop of Mainz (1695-1729) and Bishop of Bamberg (1693)
  • Damian Hugo Philipp von Schönborn. Prince Bishop of Speyer (1719-43) and of Konstanz (1740), and was also a cardinal. He did much for the Diocese of Speyer, and was conspicuous for his culture, learning, and piety
  • Franz Georg von Schönborn, Archbishop of Trier (1729-56) and Bishop of Worms (1732). Both Frederick the Great and Maria Theresa praised him as an excellent ruler
  • Johann Philipp Franz von Schönborn, Bishop of Würzburg (1719-24)
  • Friedrich Karl von Schönborn (March 3, 1674 – July 26, 1746) was Bishop of Bamberg and Würzburg (1729-46). He was born at Mainz. The last three prelates were brothers, and nephews of Lothar Franz
  • Franziskus von Paula Graf von Schönborn. (January 24, 1844 – June 6, 1899). Born in Prague, he became Archbishop of Prague in 1885, and was created cardinal in 1889
  • Christoph Cardinal Schönborn, the current Archbishop of Vienna

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