Carded and Discarded (Freaks and Geeks episode)

List of Freaks and Geeks characters

The following is a list of characters from the television series Freaks and Geeks.

Main characters

Lindsay Weir

Lindsay Weir — played by Linda Cardellini — the elder of the two Weir siblings. As a child, Lindsay was close friends with Millie Kentner. Early in her scholastic career at McKinley High School, she would be recognized as a bright and thoughtful student (as well as a brilliant member of the Mathletes). However, when her grandmother dies, she begins to question religion, social structure and, more personally crucial, the direction of her life. She begins hanging out with a gang of less academically-minded friends (known commonly as "burnouts" or "freaks") which worries both her family and her old friends (Millie in particular). Despite her new social situation, she remains an intelligent and considerate person. She is continually questioning the world around her in order to find a place to fit in.

Sam Weir

Sam Weir — played by John Francis Daley — Lindsay's younger brother. Like his sister, Sam has an excellent sense of morals and manners, though he's somewhat shy outside of his circle of friends. He shares many interests with his close pals Bill and Neal, including television shows like Saturday Night Live, comedic actors such as Bill Murray and Steve Martin and science fiction. Being so into such subjects while at the same time being somewhat socially impaired has left Sam and his friends labeled as "geeks." Though he enjoys being with his friends, he struggles continually to be seen as more than a geek (especially while trying to impress his school crush, Cindy Sanders). Unfortunately, the constant bullying of kids such as Alan White often lead Sam to feel more embarrassed than cool. Entertainment Weekly selected Sam Weir as the son for "The Perfect TV Family".

Daniel Desario

Daniel Desario — played by James Franco — is a cool and charismatic burnout. Daniel is usually known at McKinley High School for doing one of two things: fighting with his girlfriend Kim Kelly or skipping class. He is somewhat selfish and very manipulative but often pulls through to help his friends. Daniel hides the fact that he is eighteen years old and has been left back two grades in school. His rebellious and anarchistic view of society often leads him into trouble, although, as he continues to struggle with schoolwork, he eventually yearns to become a better student. Daniel has an older brother and lives with his two parents; he is taking care of his father, who is ill.

Nick Andopolis

Nick Andopolis — played by Jason Segel — is a member of the gang of freaks. He is friendly, mild-mannered, and kind, off-setting the somewhat caustic sense of humor that some of his friends share. Nick frequently uses marijuana; he was once a basketball player but was kicked off his team for drug possession. These days, Nick's overwhelming passion is music - more specifically, his 29-piece drum kit. Much to the objection of Nick's strict military father, Nick practices drumming frequently, usually neglecting schoolwork in the process. Despite Nick's practicing, he doesn't ever seem to get better until taking lessons. Nick also has a tendency to smother his girlfriends with too much affection, which Lindsay Weir discovers first hand after they begin dating.

Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly — played by Busy Phillips — a strong girl freak. As a first impression, Kim is often cold, selfish and even downright cruel. She can usually be seen either making out with Daniel Desario or angrily shouting at him. For all of her negative aspects, however, Kim is simply a struggling teenage girl who comes from a broken home and wants companionship. Though she occasionally hangs out with freak girls such as Karen Scarfoli, she is more frequently seen with Daniel, Nick and Ken. When Lindsay first attempts to join the group of burnouts, Kim reacts to her horribly. She teases, belittles and bullies Lindsay. Soon after, however, Kim tries to turn over a new leaf with Lindsay and the two end up becoming close friends, even defending Sam from Karen when she graffities his locker with the words "Pygmy Geek." Kim's relationship with her mother and stepfather is argumentative, distrusting and almost violent.

Ken Miller

Ken Miller — played by Seth Rogen — is wise-cracking and sarcastic. Whenever Ken opens his mouth, it is usually to let out a biting quip at the expense of someone around him. Though most of Ken's friends come from humble backgrounds, Ken himself comes from a wealthy family. His only ambition in life is to wait for his father to die so he can inherit his money and retire. He has been friends with Daniel Desario since elementary school and later develops a relationship with Amy Andrews.

Neal Schweiber

Neal Schweiber — played by Samm Levine — a self-proclaimed comic genius and ladies man. Unlike his friends Sam and Bill, Neal is usually very outgoing and often wants to be the center of attention. He has an abundant amount of confidence and charisma, though it garners him no more respect or reputation than Sam or Bill. Neal is somewhat in denial that he is just as geeky as the rest of his friends. His father is a dentist and his mother a homemaker. His family is fairly well-to-do. Early in the series, Sam and Bill thought that Neal's father was "cool" because he enjoyed the same television programs that they did and shared a similar sense of humor, but their opinions of him – as well as Neal's – changed when they discovered that he was having an affair.

Bill Haverchuck

Bill Haverchuck — played by Martin Starr — rounds out the geek trio. Bill is tall for his age, skinny and wears large glasses. Bill is unpretentious and gentle, with an understated but hilarious sense of humor. In addition to being a loyal friend, Bill is an avid fan of the television soap opera Dallas. He lives with his single mother Gloria Haverchuck.

Harold Weir

Harold Weir — played by Joe Flaherty — the head of the Weir household. Harold is usually stern and strict in his role as the dominant male in the family, but is also a loving father who is always trying to look out for the best interests of his children. Though Harold is frequently yelling at the dinner table and dealing out sometimes unreasonable punishments, he has a good sense of humor and enjoys seeing his family happy. He works hard to support his family by running his A1 Sporting Goods store, though he is worried about the possible impact that megastores will have on his business. Harold's biggest concern with his children lately is that Lindsay is falling in with a bad crowd and he has a strong distaste for her "burnout friends" although he later takes a shine to Nick after he gets kicked out of his house by letting him stay at the Weir's house and encourages him to practice drumming. Harold's taking to Nick reminds Harold of the tough relationship he had with his father and why he took Nick under his wing.

Jean Weir

Jean Weir — played by Becky Ann Baker — the caring homemaker of the Weir family. Jean is frequently making wholesome meals for the Weirs and trying to give her children helpful advice about school while they have discussions at the dinner table, although at times she appears blissfully aloof to the realities that her children are experiencing. Though she wouldn't mind more appreciation now and again, Jean is always kind and generous to everyone and loves nothing more than her family.

Other students

School staff

Other family members


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