Cara Jones

Cara Jones

Cara Jones is a singer, songwriter, and a voice actor.

As a singer and songwriter, she has sold over 1.2 million copies of her songs in Japan. In the United States and elsewhere, her music can be heard on the popular syndicated television series Dawsons Creek, as well as in an increasing number of feature films.

As a voice talent, Cara is heard worldwide as the English voice of the GPS car navigation systems of the Jaguar (car), models of the Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Ford and more. She announced the 1998 Winter Olympics at Nagano, voiced hundreds of commercials, as well as popular PlayStation and Sega games. In addition, Cara spent 7 years as a prime time DJ on Tokyo’s popular FM station, J-Wave.




  • Cara Jones has voiced commercials, industrials, or documentaries for the following companies: Sony, Xerox, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Agnes B., Shick, Toyota, Phillip Morris, Japan Air Lines, Harry Winston, Volvo, Canon, Deutsche Telecom, Ansett Australia Airlines, Kirin Beer, Toshiba EMI, Coca Cola, Tokyo Electric Power Co, Land Rover, Komatsu, Shiseido, Suntory, NHK, Panasonic, Paralympics, ANA Airlines, Hustler Casino; BBQs Galore; Gardena Chamber of Commerce; Planet Fitness, Time Warner and more.
  • Chage and Aska: Narrator on album “Yin & Yang”.
  • Cara Jones wrote and co-hosted a weekly radio program with Barry White.
  • Cara Jones announced the medalists of all outdoor events at the 1998 Winter Olympics at Nagano.


TV – Film – Games

  • Dawsons Creek: The song “Spit It Out” was featured in episode #511 "Something Wild"
  • Arc the Lad: The singing voice of Shanté on “Musicman”
  • Legend of Heroes IV: Vocals and lyrics on "One Bead of Scarlet"
  • Tobe Pegasus!: Lyrics on "The Simple Things"
  • Girl Play (2004 Feature Film): Original music
  • Give or Take an Inch (2003 Short Film): Original music
  • Sugar Sweet (2001 Feature Film): Original music


Solo Albums

Year Album Notes Availability
2000 NOW Originally released in 1999 in Japan by Warner Music Group (WEA). Released worldwide in 2000 by Fall Girl Records fully remixed and remastered, and with new cover art. Available on or CD Baby
1996 Pandora’s Box Released in 1996 in Japan by Teichiku Records. Rare import. Plans to re-release in future. Available to fanclub members.
1994 Different Skies Originally released in 1994 in Japan. Released worldwide in by Fall Girl Records. Available on or CD Baby

Other Artists (highlights)

Artist Album/Single Song Label Info
Puffy AmiYumi An Illustrated History "True Asia” Bar None Records (BRN-CD-128 released 10.02 - USA)
Puffy AmiYumi The Monsters Project 2002 "True Asia” Sony Records (SRCL-5115 released 10.24.01 - Korea and Japan)
Yoshitaka Minami Nude Voice "SkyBlue" Victor Entertainment (VICJ-60740 released 2.21.01 - Japan)
The Yellow Monkey Sugar Fix (maxi-single) " Sugar Fix" and “Bulb” Japan - Fun House Records (FHCF-2428 released 8.21.98), UK - BMG Records (74321 -605372 released 8.12.98)
Zabadak Oto "Fatal Flaw" and "14 no Oto" Pioneer LDC (BICL-5009 released 1.27.99
Mimori Yusa Harmonica Beach "Clover" Toshiba-Emi (ESDB-3740 released 1.22.97 - Japan)

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