Capricornia (album)

Capricornia (album)

Capricornia is an album by Midnight Oil that was released in 2002 under the Sony Music label in Australia, and the Liquid 8 record label internationally. Capricornia was the band's last studio album before they disbanded in late 2002.

Album history

"Say Your Prayers"

Writing and recording

On the previous two studio albums, Midnight Oil had united as one unit to write every song (exception: "Sins of Omission"). However, here we can see the band no longer working in such a way. Moginie dominates the song-writing to the point that four of the twelve songs feature no involvement by anyone else. Hirst assisted in writing five songs, and Garrett assisted in writing four (they both worked on "Golden Age"). The end result shows Moginie's instruments dominating, as seen by the instrumental "A Crocodile Cries," using extensive keyboards, and on the Moginie solo present in "Too Much Sunshine".

Unlike the previous album, Redneck Wonderland, there is little emphasis on vocal distortion. On four songs on Redneck Wonderland ("Safety Chain Blues," "Return to Sender," "Blot," and "What Goes On") there is heavy vocal distortion. The only two songs on Capricornia to feature heavy vocal distortion are "Too Much Sunshine" and "Mosquito March".

Warne Livesey produced all songs except for "Say Your Prayers," which was produced by the band and Daniel Denholm. The album was mixed and arranged by Livesey, as well.

Name and concept

The name and concept of Capricornia was taken from the novel of the same name written by the Australian author Xavier Herbert. The name Capricornia refers to part of the Queensland coast and inland region around Rockhampton, which is close to the Tropic of Capricorn.


The album was issued in a digipak case, first released in 2001; the U.S. release date was February 19, 2002. By this time, the band had already began playing a few gigs in America. A callout label on the original, sealed album correctly states there are 11 new tracks (Say Your Prayers was issued on The Real Thing not very long before) and also states that the album contains "Golden Age" and "Too Much Sunshine," the initial singles. "Mosquito March," the third single, was not released at the time. Another single, Luritja Way, was issued at a later date. (picture of sealed CD)

A DTS version was released in 2002, still before the last two singles for the album.

Track listing

  1. "Golden Age" (Jim Moginie, Rob Hirst, Peter Garrett)
  2. "Too Much Sunshine" (Moginie)
  3. "Capricornia" (Moginie, Hirst)
  4. "Luritja Way" (Moginie, Hirst)
  5. "Tone Poem" (Moginie, Garrett)
  6. "A Crocodile Cries" (Moginie)
  7. "Mosquito March" (Moginie, Garrett)
  8. "Been Away Too Long" (Moginie, Garrett)
  9. "Say Your Prayers" (Moginie)
  10. "Under the Overpass" (Moginie, Hirst)
  11. "World That I See" (Moginie, Hirst)
  12. "Poets and Slaves" (Moginie)
  13. Hidden track: "A Pub With No Beer"



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