Cape Scott, British Columbia

List of ghost towns in British Columbia

This is a list of ghost towns in the Canadian province of British Columbia, including those still partly-inhabited or even overtaken by modern towns, as well as those completely abandoned or derelict. Region of location and associated events or enterprises are included.

Ghost towns Alternate Name(s) Locality/Region Location (BCGNIS) Events/Activity Company town Peak population & era Today's population Lifespan
Agerton Akerton Lillooet (BCGNIS) agrarian colony (Norwegians) Alice Arm Alice Arm, Observatory Inlet Base for mining operations up the Kitsault River to the Cambria Icefield. 0
Allenby Similkameen (BCGNIS) copper mining; see Copper Mountain
Alta Lake now part of Whistler (BCGNIS)
Alvin Pitt Lake (BCGNIS)
Anaconda Boundary (BCGNIS) copper mining & smelter Anaconda Mines
Antler Creek Antler Cariboo (BCGNIS) (location of creek mouth, may be incorrect for settlement) gold
Anyox North Coast (Observatory Inlet) (BCGNIS) mining & smelter Granby Mining & Smelter Co. 10
Arrowhead Upper Arrow Lake (BCGNIS)
Barkerville Cariboo (BCGNIS) Cariboo Gold Rush 16,000 100 (staff)
Barkley Valley Cayoosh Range, Lillooet Country (BCGNIS) Barkley Valley Mines, Ltd - gold/silver 0
Barnet Burnaby (Burrard Inlet) (BCGNIS) 0
Baynes Lake East Kootenay (BCGNIS) sawmill & railway Adolph Lumber Company 280
Bennett Bennett Lake, Bennett Lake City Klondike Gold Rush 0
Big Bar Sixty Mile, Big Bar Ferry Fraser Canyon 2,000 50 (IR)
Big Bend Columbia Big Bend Gold Rush 0
Birmingham Prince George Grand Trunk Pacific Railway construction/realty promotion 0
Blackfoot Similkameen Similkameen Gold Rush 0
Blakeburn Similkameen (BCGNIS) Coal Mining Coalmont Collieries (1927-1940) 250 (ca1932) 0
Boothroyd's Boothroyd, Canyon Alpine Fraser Canyon (BCGNIS) CPR
Boston Bar Quayome Fraser Canyon (BCGNIS) CPR
Boundary Falls Boundary smelter & railway 0
Bullion Cariboo (BCGNIS) Cariboo Gold Rush 0
Bralorne Bridge River 8,000 300
Bradian Bralorne Third Townsite Bridge River (BCGNIS) 2,000 20
Brexton Bridge River 3,000 20
Bridge River Six Mile, Lower Fountains, Lower Fountain Lillooet 3,000 50 (IR)
Brittania Beach Brittania Howe Sound (BCGNIS) copper mining (hard rock)
Brooklyn Boundary 0
Butedale Central Coast (BCGNIS) 2,000 10
Camborne Upper Arrow Lake (BCGNIS)
Camerontown Cameronton Cariboo (BCGNIS)
Camp McKinney Boundary 0
Cape Scott Vancouver Island (BCGNIS) religious colony (Danes) 500 10
Cassidy Vancouver Island (BCGNIS) coal mining 976
Carmi Okanagan (BCGNIS) 0
Cascade City Boundary (BCGNIS) 0
Cassiar Cassiar (BCGNIS) Cassiar Gold Rush and later mining
Cedar City Cariboo
Centreville Cassiar (BCGNIS)
Cherryville Okanagan (northern Monashees) (BCGNIS) 0
Circle City Upper Arrow Lake-Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
Clayburn Abbotsford (BCGNIS) clay mining/brickery 0
Coal Creek East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
Coalmont Similkameen Coal Mining Columbia Coal & Coke (est.1911) 400 (ca 1926) 80
Cody Slocan (BCGNIS)
Columbia Boundary (BCGNIS) 0
Comaplix Upper Arrow Lake (BCGNIS)
Copper Mountain Similkameen (BCGNIS) 0
Corbin East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
Coryell Gladstone Boundary (BCGNIS) Burnt Basin Gold Rush 0
Craigellachie Eagle Pass (BCGNIS) CPR construction
Deadwood Boundary (BCGNIS) 0
Dease Lake Dease Lake Post Cassiar->Stikine (BCGNIS) Cassiar Gold Rush; seat of Cassiar Mining District 500
Derby Old Fort Langley Fraser Valley founding of Colony of British Columbia-Fraser Canyon Gold Rush 40 (now rural area in Langley)
Discovery Cassiar (BCGNIS)
Donald Revelstoke (BCGNIS) CPR construction
Duncan City Howser Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
Dunkeld Omineca (BCGNIS) Omineca Gold Rush
Eagle Pass Landing Shuswap (BCGNIS) CPR construction near today's Sicamous
East New Hazelton Hazelton area (BCGNIS) (record is for Hazelton) Grand Trunk Pacific Railway construction/realty promotion 0
East Princeton Similkameen 0
Eholt Boundary (BCGNIS) railway 0
Emory City Emory, Emory Bar Fraser Canyon CPR construction
Fairview Okanagan (BCGNIS) 0
Ferguson Upper Arrow Lake-Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
Fisherville East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
Fort Berens Lillooet (BCGNIS) fur trade, gold rush 0 never finished construction; adjacent to Parsonville and Marysville
Fort Fraser Nechako (New Caledonia) (BCGNIS) 0
Fort Keremeos Fort Similkameen Similkameen (BCGNIS) 0
Fort Kilmaurs Fort Babine, Babine Babine Lake (New Caledonia) (BCGNIS) 0
Fort Kootenay East Kootenay 0
Fort Rupert Vancouver Island (BCGNIS) coal mining 0
Fort Shepherd Fort Sheppard, Sheppard West Kootenay fur trade 0
Fort Steele East Kootenay (BCGNIS) Wild Horse Creek War (see Fisherville staff
Fountain Upper Fountains, The Fountain, Fountain Flats Lillooet (BCGNIS) 300
Freeport Burns Lake area Grand Trunk Pacific Railway construction/realty promotion 0
Galena Bay Galena Upper Arrow Lake (BCGNIS)
Garibaldi Cheakamus River (BCGNIS railway lodge, ski cabins (see The Barrier)
Gerrard Upper Arrow Lake-Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
Germansen's Landing Germansen Creek Omineca Country (BCGNIS) Omineca Gold Rush
Gladstone Coryell Boundary Burnt Basin Gold Rush (BCGNIS) 0
Gold Bridge Bridge River (BCGNIS) 3,000 300
Gold Hill Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
Goldfields Upper Arrow Lake
Granite City Granite Creek, Granite Similkameen (BCGNIS) Tulameen Gold Rush 2000 (ca 1886) 0
Greenwood Boundary (BCGNIS) copper/galena mining & smelting 8,000 500
Green River Soo Valley now part of Whistler (BCGNIS) mill camp, later hippie/skier squat
Grouse Creek Cariboo Grouse Creek War
Hagensborg Bella Coola (BCGNIS) religious/teetotal colony (Norwegians) 0
Harewood mid-Vancouver Island (Nanaimo)
Harrison Mills Carnarvon Fraser Valley (BCGNIS) sawmill & railway 3,000 30
Hedley Similkameen (BCGNIS) 300
Hendrix Lake Cariboo (BCGNIS) Boss Mountain Mine (molybdenum)
Hill's Bar Fraser Canyon, 10 mi. south of Yale (BCGNIS) Fraser Canyon Gold Rush 0
Hogem Old Hogem Omineca Omineca Gold Rush
Holberg Vancouver Island (BCGNIS) religious colony (Danes); CFB Holberg (DEW Line) 500 10
Howellton Omineca Country Omineca Gold Rush
Illecillewaet Revelstoke (BCGNIS) CPR construction
Kansas Cariboo
Keithley Creek Cariboo (BCGNIS) Cariboo Gold Rush 40
Keremeos Centre Similkameen (BCGNIS link is to Keremeos 0
Kitsault North Coast (BCGNIS)> 0
Laketon Cassiar District (BCGNIS)
Lardeau City Upper Arrow Lake
Leadville Similkameen 0
Leechtown Vancouver Island (BCGNIS) 0
Lemon Creek Slocan (BCGNIS) Mining, Japanese internment
Lumberton East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
McDame Fort McDame, McDame Post Cassiar (BCGNIS) Cassiar Gold Rush
McGillivray Falls Lillooet (BCGNIS) railway resort
Manson Creek Manson's Landing Omineca (BCGNIS) Omineca Gold Rush
Mica Columbia Big Bend Gold Rush 0
Minto City Bridge River 2,500 0
Monashee Townsite Okanagan 0
Morrissey East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
Morrissey Mines East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
Moyie City East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
Nashton Zwicky Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
New Denver Slocan (BCGNIS)
New Hogem Hogem; see also Old Hogem Omineca Country Omineca Gold Rush
Niagara Boundary Country Okanagan (BCGNIS) 0
North Bend Fraser Canyon (BCGNIS) CPR
Ocean Falls Central Coast (BCGNIS) 50
Okanagan Mission Okanagan (BCGNIS) (now part of Greater Kelowna)
Olalla Similkameen (BCGNIS)
Omineca City Omineca Omineca Gold Rush
Parsonville Parsonsville Lillooet Fraser Canyon Gold Rush 0
Pemberton Meadows Lillooet (BCGNIS) 0
Phoenix Greenwood Camp Boundary (BCGNIS) Copper mining Granby Co. 4,000 (1919?) 0 1891-1951
Pinchi Lake Boundary (BCGNIS) 0
Poplar Creek Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
Port Douglas Lillooet River-Harrison Lake (BCGNIS) Fraser Canyon Gold Rush 30 (Xa'xtsa people)
Port Essington North Coast (BCGNIS)
Porter Landing Cassiar District (BCGNIS)
Quesnel Forks Cariboo (BCGNIS) Cariboo Gold Rush
Retallack Whitewater, White Water Slocan (BCGNIS)
Richfield Cariboo Cariboo Gold Rush
Rock Creek Boundary (BCGNIS) 500 (area)
Sandon Slocan (BCGNIS) 500 (area)
Shalalth Bridge River Seton Lake, Bridge River (BCGNIS) 5000 700
Similkameen City Similkameen 0
Sointula Malcolm Island (Queen Charlotte Strait) (BCGNIS) Fabian/socialist colony (Finns) 0
Soo Valley Green River now part of Whistler (BCGNIS)
Spences Bridge Thompson Canyon (BCGNIS) Cariboo Road, CPR
Stanley Cariboo (BCGNIS) Cariboo Gold Rush 500 (area)
Stave Falls Stave Gardens Lower Mainland (BCGNIS) BCER 500 (area)
Steamboat Mountain Silverhope Creek, Hope area 0
Tashme Hope-Princeton Highway (BCGNIS) Japanese-Canadian internment camp 0
Tasu Tassoo, Old Tassoo, Tasu Sound Morseby Island, Queen Charlottes (BCGNIS) gold mine & camp various owners, most lately WesFrob Mines, a subsudiary of Falconbridge 0
Tête Jaune Cache Robson Valley Grand Trunk Pacific Railway construction
Three Forks Slocan (BCGNIS)
Three Valley Gap Eagle Pass
Tipella City Tipella Harrison Lake (BCGNIS) real estate promotion/townsite
Trout Lake City Trout Lake Upper Arrow Lake-Kootenay Lake (BCGNIS)
Tulameen Similkameen (BCGNIS)
Upper Keremeos Similkameen 0
Volcanic City Boundary 0
Waldo East Kootenay (BCGNIS) 0
Walhachin Thompson (BCGNIS) 150
Waterloo West Kootenay after abandonment, location of ferry operated by Doukhobor community 150
Webster's Corners Maple Ridge (BCGNIS) Fabian/socialist colony (Finns) 0
Zincton Slocan (BCGNIS)


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