Candy Browne

Candy Browne

Candy Browne was a fictional character on the long-running Channel 4 British television soap opera Hollyoaks.

She was played by actress Laura Handley between 2004-2005.

Character history

Candy was friends with Nicole Owen and Candy encouraged Nicole to send in images of herself to a modelling agency, only to be told that her breasts were too small. Nicole then wanted to get implants and asked Candy to pretend she invited Nicole on holiday with her and her family. Nicole didn’t go through with the operation and her mum eventually found out what she had planned to do. The following Christmas the two girls went carol singing for money and when they returned to school they made friends with new girl Paula Johnson. Paula tried to break up the two friends. Candy left after a blazing row with Nicole following stirring by Paula. Candy brought up Nicole's brother Sam Owen and his conviction for arson calling him a "kiddy murderer". Nicole never forgave her for this and Candy was never seen again.


  • Candy, Paula and another character named Nathan Haywood disappeared when the Hollyoaks writers had to move up the Justin/Ali/Macki bully story after Luti Fagbenle wanted out of his contract to start his own film company.
    The producers also felt the show had too many stand alone characters and wanted to get rid of them to add more room for full families.

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