Camtek Intelligent Imaging


Not to be confused with Camtek Intelligent Imaging (Israel ).

Camtek is a British engineering company founded in 1983 in Worcester, Worcestershire, England. It relocated in the late 80's to nearby Great Malvern where it remained until August 2008. Its main product is a suite of Computer-aided manufacturing systems called PEPS, which create NC code for Milling, Turning, Wire EDM and Multi Axis Lasers machines.

Business alliances

Camtek joined the JETCAM group in 1999, and remained part of it until at least October 2006.

In November 2001, Camtek finalized a worldwide distribution agreement with Delcam for reselling its Wire EDM package, and development work was reported to be underway in integrating it into PowerMILL software.

In December 2006, Vero Software Plc, a CADCAM software company - then located nearby in Stroud, acquired Camtek for its wire EDM, tube cutting and laser cutting capabilities. At the time the company had a turnover of £1.9M with assets of £750k, including a building valued at £350k.

On August 11 2008 Camtek Limited, Vero UK Limited and Vero Software Plc moved to a combined facility in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (approximately 25 miles southeast of Malvern).

Access and support of CAMTEK UK PEPS is provided by local Support Centres world wide and reaches as far as Australia's CAMTEK PACIFIC



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