Camp Ripley

Camp Ripley

Camp Ripley is a military and civilian training facility operated by the Minnesota National Guard located near the city of Little Falls in the central part of the state. The location of the camp was selected in 1929 by Ellard A. Walsh, Adjutant General of the State of Minnesota and took its name from the earlier frontier-era Fort Ripley, which in turn was named after Maine congressman and distinguished War of 1812 veteran Eleazar W. Ripley, the remains of which were contained within the new camp's property boundaries. The site's winter warfare training course is the primary facility used by the National Guard for winter combat exercises. In addition to being used by the United States military, it sees regular visitors from Canada, the Netherlands, Norway (exchange programme with the Norwegian Home Guard since February 1974, with a total of 3,000 Norwegians involved over the years and a similar number of Americans having gone to the Norwegian Home Guard training centre at Værnes), and the United Kingdom. Camp Ripley also hosts the training academy for the Minnesota State Patrol and is a popular site for athletes training to compete in winter biathlons. Most Minnesota Guard soldiers train at Camp Ripley during two-week annual training periods.

The Miller Army Airfield is also located at the camp. Named for Ray S. Miller, it includes a 6100-foot (1860 m) runway capable of accommodating C-130 aircraft. There are also five drop zones for training for the release of cargo and personnel from aircraft. The airfield's FAA identifier is KRYM.

The camp is a state game refuge with resources managed cooperatively by the Department of Military Affairs and Department of Natural Resources.

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