Camastianavaig (also English spelling: Camustinivaig) is a crofting township on the island of Skye in Scotland. It is located on the shores of the Sound of Raasay south east of Portree. The Allt Osglan watercourse flows from Loch Fada through the township into Tianavaig Bay.

The name is from both Gaelic and Norse, Camas Dionabhaig. "Camas" means "bay" in the former and the Norse element may be from "dyn" meaning "noisy".

Battle of the Braes

The township was the scene of the Battle of the Braes in 1882. Local crofting tenants facing eviction from the land witheld rent and released sheep onto a forbidden area on the shores of Ben Lee. Sent to evict them, the Sherrif's officer from Portree was met by an angry mob, who forced him to burn the eviction notices. Subsequently 50 Glasgow policemen, sent to quell the rebellion, faced 100 men, women and children, armed with sticks and stones. Small fines were imposed in court, but it was clear that law and order could only be enforced with military assistance. The rebellion led to the Napier Commission and ultimately the Crofters Act of 1886. which brought security of tenure and the right to hand a croft on to their heirs. The Battle of the Braes is celebrated with a monument and through a folk song.


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