Colden, Cadwallader, 1688-1776, colonial scholar and political leader of New York, b. Ireland, of Scottish parents. After studying medicine in London, Colden arrived (1710) in Philadelphia to practice. He moved (1718) to New York, where he was appointed (1720) surveyor general. He was named (1721) to the governor's council and became increasingly influential during the administration of George Clinton (1686-1761), the colonial governor. After 1761 he was lieutenant governor of New York.

Colden was also one of the most learned men in the colonies. He wrote his own critique of Newton, The Principles of Action in Matter (1751). He became a botanist of the new Linnaean system of classifying flora and made significant contributions to medical literature. He also published his History of the Five Indian Nations (1727), a valuable source on the Iroquois tribes. His letter books (1877-78) and letters and papers (7 vol., 1918-23) were published by the New-York Historical Society.

See A. R. Raymond, The Political Career of Cadwallader Colden (1971) and biography by A. M. Keys (1906, repr. 1971).

Cadwallader, Cadwalader, or Cadwaladr is a given name and surname of Welsh origin. It was most notably held by Cadwaladr, a seventh century king of Gwynedd, who was the last Welsh king to claim lordship over all of Britain.

People with the surname Cadwallader

  • Dilys Cadwaladr (1902–1979), Welsh poet
  • Gavin Cadwallader (b. 1986), English professional football player
  • George Cadwalader (1806–1879), American U.S. Army general during the Mexican-American War and American Civil War
  • John Cadwalader (1742–1786), American soldier; general during the Revolutionary War
  • Lambert Cadwalader (1742–1823), American soldier in the Revolutionary War; delegate to the Continental Congress
  • Thomas Cadwalader (1708–1779), American physician and politician in the pre-Revolutionary War times

People with the given name Cadwallader

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