Cadit quaestio

Cadit quaestio

Cadit quaestio, Latin for "the question falls," is a legal term used to indicate that a settlement to a dispute or issue has been reached, and is now resolved. In English, there is a similar idiom when people say that "the shoe has dropped."

In journalism, the abbreviation "CQ" is used to indicate that a fact, such as the spelling of a name, has been checked and found to be correct.

Cadit is the third person singular indicative active of the irregular Latin verb cado and quaestio is the nominative singular form of a third declension noun. These two words, together, form a sentence complete unto itself.

This is also used in informal logic as a fallacy where there is a 'poorly posed question'. As noted above, if the question posed has already been answered previously and a conclusion reached it is not necessary to engage with said question once more.

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