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Caazapá is a city in Paraguay, founded in 1607, by Friar Luis de Bolaños, a Franciscan monk. It is located in the Caazapá District and is the capital of the Caazapá Department. The name Caazapa comes from the Guarani words "Ka'aguy jehasapa" which means "after the forest" Because, the natives believe that after the forest, God, with the attendance of Friar Luis de Bolaños, has made born wather from the Earth. There are five neighbourhoods called "Barrios" in the city: Then main one is the Barrio San Pablo, the other 4 are: Barrio Santa Teresita, Barrio San Blas, Barrio San Antonio, and Barrio San Roque-within which is the original Chapel, built by franciscans during the famous Jesuit reductions of Paraguay. The Franciscan Reduction at Caazapa was an important event in Paraguayan cultural heritage.

In 1989, with the new government of President Andres Rodriguez, Caazapa City became the new capital of the Department of Caazapa. This is because the Departments of Caazapa and Guaira were linked before and the only capital for both was Villarrica. With the new capital city and new authority positions created to be located here, some citizens were selected to occupy them. Among the most prominent of these was Ms. Selva Antonia Aguirre, head of the department handling Education at the Secondary Level, which is responsible for helping young people prepare to attend the Universities. During the exercise of her functions, until the end of her position in 1992, 38 education centers were reformed. Ms. Aguirres' shining performance in the field of Education in Caazapa city is unmatched in its history.

The Caazapa City is very famous for its "Ykua Bolaños" a public park with a legendary source of water located in rocky ground to which magical properties are attributed and that was created by God to special request of Friar Luis de Bolaños, according the legend. The inhabitants of Caazapa are very proud of their illustrious citizens, and they honor them by putting their names on its streets. The last Avenue to be renamd was the main one which goes to the Justice Building. It takes the name of Dr. Jose de Jesus Aguirre, Ms. Antonia Aguirre's brother, another prominent citizen, not only in Caazapa, but absolutely for all Paraguay. Dr. Aguirre, was a jesuit priest, the first Psychologist in adapting the European test to the Paraguayan reality. The current mayor of Caazapa is Francisco Sarubbi.


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