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Divine Word College of Legazpi

The Divine Word College of Legazpi or DWCL is a Catholic institution of higher learning run by the Society of the Divine Word or SVD in Legazpi City, Albay, Philippines.


Early History

The forerunner of the Divine Word College of Legazpi is the Liceo de Albay, a Diocesan parochial school for boys owned and managed by Rev. Fr. Juan Carullo, a native of Malinao, Albay, who was a retired Army Chaplain. When he left the military service, his retirement pay and other personal money was invested in a school which he himself founded. At the beginning, the school was an exclusive high school for boys (another school, St. Agnes, was the exclusice high school for girls).

In 1952, a very strong typhoon hitting Albay badly damaged the Liceo de Albay. Around this time, the Society of the Divine Word or SVD was looking for a place to put up a school in the province. Fr. Joseph Bates, SVD, negotiated with the Bishop of Albay for the SVD acquisition of the Liceo de Albay, amidst the school's financial difficulties.

In 1959, the formal transfer of ownership and management was effected for around Php30,000.00. Reconstruction of the school began with Fr. Bates' own personal funds as well as money from his family and friends and from the United States of America. With the SVDs and Fr. Bates now in Legazpi City, many people from his old assignment in Bohol were brought to help him build and run the Liceo de Albay.

When the Bicol Association of Catholic Schools (BACS) was formed, Fr. Bates was chosen as its chairman. Fr. Bates met Fr. Honesto Moraleda, who was then parish priest of St. Michael Parish in Oas, Albay through the activities of the BACS. He invited Fr. Moraleda become the first high school principal of the school with the permission of then Bishop Flaviano B. Ariola. Fr. Bates was the Director.

The 1960's

When the project of starting a school was decided by the SVDs, the pioneering spirit was its mission of spreading a Catholic Education and in so doing, provide a wide latitude of opportunities to boys in this part of the region. To start with was the most trying times because, the situations or conditions obtaining at that time were such that only a man with firm resolve will attempt to do. The Liceo de Albay was facing financial difficulty due to dwindling enrolment. The physical state of the building which was purchased at a cost of Php30,000.00 was not yet ready to admit an influx of new enrollees. In fact, Fr. Bates and Seminarian Flor Camacho would sleep after a day's work dog-tired. Paraphrased in another way as seen by others, the pioneering philosophy was a "make or break" attitude, and to do otherwise would mean nothing but frustration. The tandem of Fr. Joe, as he is often called and the Seminarian Bro. Flor Camacho did the impossible ("at the Foot of Mayon" - by Fr. Flor Camacho). In 1961, the Liceo de Albay became Divine Word High School (later becoming the Divine Word College of Legazpi). Its formation was made possible with the combined efforts of Bishop Nestor Cariño, Msgr. Jose Molina, Msgr. Jose Diokno, Msgr. Ralph Salazar and Msgr. Honesto Moraleda. Its recognition as a high school was given by the Bureau of Private Schools. The school first Director was Fr. Joseph Bates, SVD, while the first Principal was Fr. Honesto Moraleda.

The faculty members included: Mr. Protacio Borlogdan, Ms. Ruperta Ungay (later became Ms. Altabano), Ms. Lydia Platon and Mr. Jun Peñalosa.

In 1965, the first college courses were opened with the following enrollment:

  • Commerce - 73
  • BSE - 16
  • BSEED - 92
  • AB - 51
  • Secretarial - 7
  • Total of 239 students

In 1969, it produced its first batch of graduates in Commerce, Education, High School and Elementary.

The 1970s

In 1971, a tie-up with St. Gregory the Great Seminary was forged to enable the graduates from its Minor Seminary of Tabaco, to pursue the College level. The AB Department, thus, offered A.B. Philosophy. In 1974, a 2-year Accounting Aide and Salesmanship was also offered followed by the Civil Engineering Course in 1976. In 1978, the Graduate School opened with an Masters in Business Administration course offering.

The 1980s to 1990s

In 1981, the first batch of Civil Engineering graduates passed the Board Examination with a passing score of 91.6%. In 1983, the Department of Education, Culture and Sports or DECS Region V recognized the DWCL as the "Center for Commerce/Business Education." By schoolyear 1983-1984, computer subjects were integrated into the Commerce curriculum. By 1984, the DWCL produced its first topnotcher and 4th placers in the Junior Geodetic Engineering Board Exams. By SY 1984-1985, DWCL became the pilot Center for "Associate in Commerial Science- Government Accounting and Auditing", a 3-year course. In 1985, it became a CPA Review Center. By 1987, the two Education courses, BEED and BSE, which were temporarily closed were re-opened. In 1988, the College again produced a first placer in Civil Engineering given by the PRC. In 1989, an award was bestowed by the DECS region V as "Center of Development of Commerce and Business Education." By 1993, the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Computer Secretarial Courses were opened. In 1994, the Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration (BSSA) was likewise opened. Due to the clamor for new offerings, in the second semester of schoolyear 1995-1996, DWCL offered Masters in Public Management (MPM) and Master in Business Education (MBE). In 1997, the Commerce Department added Entrepreneurship as one of the majors for B.S. Commerce. In the same year, the Accountancy Department produced a 9th placer in the CPA Board Exam. By the end of 1999, DWCL had produced none (9) Board Placer in different fields of discipline.

Recent History

Ms. Mercy Rebua was adjudged one of the "Ten Outstanding Rizal Model Students of the Philippines of the Millennium". The award was given on December 23, 2000 at the Headquarters of the Order of the Knights of Rizal in Manila.

Board Placers of the Divine Word College of Legazpi

  • May 1982 Civil Eng'g. Board - 13th Place, Pedro Emilio Torrella
  • August 1982 Jr. Geodetic Board - 4th Place, Emmanuel Gilpo
  • 1984

Jr. Geodetic Eng'g. Board - 1st Place
Engr. Alex Lorayes - 4th Place, Endr. Roberto Ricamunda

  • May 1987 Civil Eng'g. Board - 12th Place, Ferdie Reburiano
  • 1988 Civil Eng'g. Exam - 1st Place, Engr. Jose Paulo Sabal
  • August 1988

Jr. Geodetic Board - 4th Place, Ferdie Reburiano
8th Place, Herbert Health - 19th Place, Marcial Bitangcor

  • February 1994 Jr. Geodetic Board - 9th Place, Ramon Gabito
  • 1997 CPA Board Exam - 19th Place, Dennis Llarena
  • 1999 CPA Board Exam - 14th Place, Ms. Joy Bonggao


Presidents of the
Divine Word College of Legazpi
Rev. Fr. Joseph Bates, SVD, 1916 – 1970
Rev. Fr. Donald Malrenan, SVD, OIC, 1968 – 1969
Rev. Fr. Florante S. Camacho, SVD, 1970 – 1973
Rev. Fr. Valentino D. Darunday, SVD, April 1973 – 1979
Rev. Fr. Alfredo A. Reyes, SVD, June 1979 - 1985
Rev. Fr. Eleuterio S. Lacaron, SVD, October 1985 - 1989
Rev. Fr. Alfredo Reyes, SVD, June 1989 - 1990
Rev. Fr. Restituto A. Lumanlan, SVD, June 1990 - 1993
Rev. Fr.Joel Thomson Ll. Maribao, SVD, May 1993 - June 1994
Rev. Fr. Jose M. Calucag, SVD, June 1994 - 1998
Rev. Fr. Ignacio C. Joaquin, SVD, OIC 1998 - 1999
Rev. Fr. Michael O. Padua, SVD, June 1999 - 2002
Rev. Fr. Francisco T. Estepa, SVD, May 2002 - present

The Father Presidents

  • Rev. Fr. Joseph L. Bates, SVD - Founder, 1961-1970
  • Rev. Fr. Donald Malrenan, SVD - OIC, 1968-1969
  • Rev. Fr. Florante S. Camacho, SVD - 1970-1973
  • Rev. Fr. Valentino D. Darunday, SVD - April 1973-1979
  • Rev. Fr. Alfredo A. Reyes, SVD - June 1979-1985 - June 1989-1990
  • Rev. Fr. Eleuterio S. Lacaron, SVD - October 1985-1989
  • Rev. Fr. Restituto A. Lumanlan, SVD - June 1990-1993
  • Rev. Fr. Joel Thomson Ll. Maribao, SVD - May 1993-June 1994
  • Rev. Fr. Jose M. Calucag, SVD - June 1994-1998
  • Rev. Fr. Ignacio C. Joaquin, SVD - OIC, 1998-1999
  • Rev. Fr. Michael O. Padua, SVD - June 1999-2002
  • Rev. Fr. Francisco T. Estepa, SVD - May 2002 - May 2008
  • Rev. Fr. Crispin Cordero - June 2008 - Present

DWCL Contributions to the Diocese

  • Most Rev. Joel "Bong" Baylon, DD - Bishop of Masbate
  • Rev. Fr. Rene Realuyo
  • Rev. Fr. Eusebio Tabale
  • Rev. Fr. Amador Abundo
  • Rev. Fr. Manny Balute
  • Rev. Fr. Efren Borromeo
  • Rev. Fr. Abraham Opida (+)
  • Rev. Fr. Herminigildo Benites
  • Rev. Fr. Antonio "Pope" Bongalon
  • Rev. Fr. Leandro "Lines" de la Cruz
  • Rev. Fr. Interno Prudencio Jr.
  • Rev. Fr. Limneo Zamora
  • Rev. Fr. Alexis Talde
  • Others who may have become priests at a later date unknown to DWCL.
  • Religious sisters (on scholarships per recommendation of the Bishop of Legazpi)
  • many catechists and lay leaders of the Diocese

DWCL Notable Graduates

  • Garry Malyapre - now incumbent Governor of the Province of Albay
  • Danilo Azaña - now Atty. Danilo Azaña and former Vice-Governor of Albay
  • Carlos "Chito" Ante - former City Councilor of Legazpi City
  • Cicero Caño - Municipal Councilor of Castilla, Sorsogon
  • Noel Rosal - Mayor, Legazpi City
  • Atty. Luis Adornado - former Vice Mayor of Legazpi City
  • Atty. Felipe Berces - incumbent Board Member of the Province of Albay
  • Other graduates

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