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CKCK-TV (also commonly known as CTV Regina) in Regina, Saskatchewan was the first privately owned television station in Western Canada.


CKCK signed on in 1954. It was originally owned by the Sifton family's Armadale Co., which also owned the Regina Leader-Post and CKCK Radio.

Originally a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation affiliate, it switched to the private CTV network in 1969, when CHAB/CHRE in Moose Jaw was purchased by the CBC, and turned into a semi-satellite of CBKT.

In 1977, it was sold to Harvard Developments, owned by Regina's Hill family. In 1985, a 90 percent stake would be sold (the remaining 10 percent would soon follow) to Baton Broadcasting, bringing it under common ownership with Saskatchewan's other CTV affiliates, CFQC Saskatoon, CICC/CKOS Yorkton, and CIPA/CKBI Prince Albert. Today, it operates as a CTV owned-and-operated station, part of CTVglobemedia. Local programming today is limited primarily to the station's popular newscasts.

In the 1980s, CKCK identified itself as "CKTV", but its official call letters remained CKCK-TV. During this period, though, the station did acquire the CKTV calls for its Fort Qu'appelle retransmitter. That station is now CKCK-TV7, and "CKTV" is currently the official call sign for a Radio-Canada affiliate in Saguenay, Quebec.

Nevertheless, while the station identifies itself only as CTV, many people in southern Saskatchewan still know it as CKTV or CK.


Station City of licence Channel ERP HAAT Transmitter Coordinates
CKCK-TV-1 Colgate 12 (VHF) 84.8 kW 162.2 m
CKCK-TV-2 Willow Bunch 6 (VHF) 52.7 kW 263.4 m
CKCK-TV-7 Fort Qu'Appelle 7 (VHF) 0.241 kW 26.2 m
CKMC-TV Swift Current 12 (VHF) 100 kW 167.3 m
CKMC-TV-1 Golden Prairie 10 (VHF) 229 kW 168.8 m
CKMJ-TV Moose Jaw 7 (VHF) 98 kW 234.1 m

Local programs

No Longer In Production

  • Eye on Saskatchewan
  • The Johnny Sandison Show
  • Sports Journal
  • TelePulse
  • NEWService
  • Live at Nine
  • AM Magazine
  • The Rankin File hosted by Bruce Rankin
  • Hot Rock Videos hosted by Doug Russell
  • The Provincial (province-wide newscast produced under the Saskatchewan Television Network)
  • This Week
  • Enterprise

Current Programs

  • Wheatland Cafe
  • Indigenous Circle


  • Turned On Television (1968)
  • The New View of the Now 2 (1970)
  • Happiness Is CKCK-TV (1972)
  • Regina Television... Something Special (1974)
  • Channel 2, Your Family Station (1975)
  • Closer 2 Your World (1976)
  • Our World Begins With You
  • Putting On the Hits
  • Regina You're Lookin' Good
  • Bringing the World to You
  • The One to Watch (1988)
  • Tuned In to You (1990)
  • Yours Truly, Channel 2 (2004, used for CKCK's 50th Anniversary)
  • Your World at Home(2007-present)

Station Presentation

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