CKBI is a former Canadian television station, which broadcast in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on VHF channel 5. It was a private affiliate of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as a twinstick with the city's CTV affiliate CIPA.

CKBI was established on January 27, 1958 by Edward Rawlinson. Although it primarily aired CBC programming, it also broadcast a mixture of local and privately-purchased (i.e. syndicated) programming that differed from full network affiliates.

In 1984, CKBI was purchased by Yorkton Television, the owner of the CKOS/CICC twinstick in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. It was the sole station in the market at the time of its sale. In 1986, Yorkton Television was acquired by Baton Broadcasting, which became the sole corporate owner of CTV in 1997. Although Yorkton held a license to launch CIPA at the time of its sale to Baton, the station did not go on the air until 1987.

In 2002, CTV sold CKBI and CKOS to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Although CKBI once had its own local programming and news departments, it is now a retransmitter of CBKST in Saskatoon (with the call sign CBKST-9).

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