Chew, Benjamin, 1722-1810, American public official and judge, b. Anne Arundel co., Md. He read law in Philadelphia under Andrew Hamilton and was admitted (1746) to the bar. After practicing law at New Castle and Dover, Del., Chew returned to Philadelphia, where he held several public offices and was attorney general (1755-69). He was chief justice of the Pennsylvania supreme court from 1774 until the outbreak of the American Revolution, when he was suspected of Loyalist sympathies. He was arrested but was discharged soon afterward. He later served (1791-1808) as president of the high court of errors and appeals of Pennsylvania.

See biography by B. A. Konkle (1932).

is a fruit-flavored chewy Japanese candy sold by Morinaga & Company.


The soft, chewy candy was first released in Japan in 1975. It was re-released in its current shape (a stick of several individually-wrapped candies) in February 1986.

There are a myriad of Hi-Chew flavors and the candy also comes in a plethora of regional and seasonal varieties, which is not uncommon among Japanese confectioneries.

Hi-Chew is known for its outer white coating (the same in every flavor) and inner colored flavoring. The exceptions to this rule are the Strawberry Cheesecake and Yogurt flavors, where the candy coloring scheme is reversed, to wit, an outer colored coating with a white inner flavoring. However, these varieties taste surprisingly similar to their original fruit counterparts. One questions the effect of the reversed colors and whether these flavors were only added to extend the already extensive range. Nevertheless, it is widely popular and can be found in faraway countries, such as New Zealand.

Hi-Chew has become a particular favorite of law students at the University of Auckland.

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