CFMI-FM (identified on air and in print as Rock 101) is a Canadian radio station in the Metro Vancouver region of British Columbia. It broadcasts at 101.1 MHz on the FM band with an effective radiated power of 75,000 watts from a transmitter on Mount Seymour in the District of North Vancouver. Studios are located in downtown Vancouver, and the station is owned by Corus Entertainment. The station has a classic rock format.


The station signed on with a very-short-lived country music format. This was followed by a light-popular music format ("pop for adults"). CFMI was distinguished in its earlier years by being a technical innovator of early automation systems. Stereo automation systems of the day relied heavily on reel-to-reel tape machines for music. CFMI's automation had no reel machines, but relied totally on cartridge carousels, which allowed greater programming flexibility ("random access"), but no broadcast cartridges of the day could reproduce quality stereo. The response of CFMI's engineers was to invent a new cartridge that could: the Aristocart. Parent company Western International Communications went on to develop a manufacturing division, exporting these improved cartridges to broadcasters around the world. Today's broadcasters use computer systems with large hard drives to reproduce music digitally, and have no need of tape systems. But in its heyday (circa 1975-1990), the Aristocart was an improvement to a technical problem shared by all commercial stereo broadcasters.

Among CFMI's programming innovations was Discumentary, a one-hour musical documentary of programming featuring a particular artist or a particular theme. This was developed in response to the CRTC's requirement for foreground programming. The Discumentary programs were written and voiced by Dave McCormick, and syndicated throughout Canada. Later, CRTC regulations phased out the need for foreground programming, and CFMI phased out Discumentary.

On January 24, 2007, the station was the first to announce to the world that The Police were practicing in Vancouver for their upcoming worldwide Reunion Tour, their first since 1984. There was also the rumour that they would be performing from Vancouver for the upcoming Grammy Awards.

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