CD Howe Institute

C. D. Howe Institute

The C.D. Howe Institute (Institut C.D. Howe) is a Canadian economic and social think tank based in downtown Toronto, Ontario. It is non-profit, officially non-partisan, and a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. However, it is funded mainly by large corporations, and generally advocates market-oriented economic policies such as tax cuts.


The institute's origins lie in the 1958 founding of the the Private Planning Association of Canada by business and labour leaders. They intended it to research and promote educational activities on issues related to public economic and social policy. Following a merger with the C.D. Howe Memorial Foundation in 1973, it was renamed the C.D. Howe Research Institute. The Institute took on its current name in 1981 after the Memorial Foundation again became a separate entity to focus on memorializing C.D. Howe.


Members of the Board of Directors of the C.D. Howe Institute are: Tim Hearn (Chairman); Brian Levitt (Vice-Chairman); William B.P. Robson (President and Chief Executive Officer); Elyse Allan; Yvan J.P. Bourdeau; W. Edmund Clark; Hélène Desmarais; David A. Dodge; Marc Dutil; N. Murray Edwards; Sheldon Elman, M.D.; John T. Ferguson; Peter J. George; Bruce Gordon; Ian Greenberg; Paul J. Hill; Stephen A. Jarislowsky; Brian K. Johnston; Daniel Labrecque; Richard Legault; William A. MacKinnon; Sabi Marwah; Al Monaco; William Morneau; Eric Newell; David P. O'Brien; Steve Parker; Michael E.J. Phelps; Herbert C. Pinder, Jr.; Tracy Redies; Aaron Regent; Donald S. Reimer; Charlotte Robb; Joseph L. Rotman; Guy Savard; Brian Shaw; Catherine Swift; Henry W. Sykes, Q.C.; and Alfred G. Wirth

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