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c't (short for Computertechnik, i.e. computer technology, originally an abbreviation for computing today) is a German computer magazine, published by the Heinz Heise publishing house. Originally a special section of the electronics magazine elrad, the magazine has been published monthly since December 1983 and biweekly since October 1997. A Dutch edition also exists which is published monthly.

The magazine is the fourth most popular German language computer magazine with a sold circulation of about 367,000 (Q3/2005; printed circulation: 482,000). With 239,000 subscriptions it is the computer magazine with the most subscribers in Europe.

c't covers both hardware and software; it focuses on software for the Microsoft Windows platform, but Linux and Apple Computer are also regularly featured. The magazine has a reputation of being very thorough, although critics claim that the magazine has been "dumbed down" in recent years to accommodate the mass market.

They offer a piece of software called Offline Update, a set of scripts to download Microsoft updates, combine it with an install script, and create a CD image. With Offline Update burned to a CD or DVD, a technician can update Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Microsoft Office 2003/2007 without an Internet connection. This is especially useful with people with no or slow Internet connections, or not exposing an unpatched install to the Internet.

A sister magazine, iX, focuses primarily on UNIX-related issues.

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