Călăraşi district


Călăraşi (/kə.lə'raʃʲ/), the capital of Călăraşi County is situated in south-east of Romania, in Wallachia, on the bank of Borcea branch of the Danube, at about 12 kilometers from the Bulgarian border and 125 kilometers from Bucharest.

The city is an industrial center for lumber and paper, food processing, glass manufacturing, textiles, medical equipment production and heavy industry. The city is known colloquially as "Capşa provinciei" (the Capşa from the provinces).


Calarasi had a population in 2002 of 70,039, and 95.86% of them declared themselves as being Romanians and 3.45% Romas. The surrounding area of Călăraşi (Modelu; Ostrov; Roseti; Grădiştea; Cuza-Vodă; Lipniţa and Ştefan-Vodă) has a population of almost 110.000 inhabitants


The site of a prehistoric village, Călăraşi was created by Wallachian princes as a station on the route to Istanbul, operated by horseback riders (the călăraşi). It expanded into a small town, and in 1834 became the surrounding country's capital.


Călăraşi is connected by DN3, DN21, DN31 and DN3B. Also A2 ("The Sun's Motorway") has 3 exits for Călăraşi, at Lehliu Gară (about 50km NW), Dragalina (about 30km N) and Feteşti (about 40km NE).


  • 1900: 11,024
  • 2003: 70,039

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