Byington Ford,

Byington Ford

Lewis Byington Ford, November 1, 1890 - January 19, 1985 was born in Downieville, Sierra County, California, the son of Tirey L. Ford and Mary Emma Byington. On November 17, 1920, Mr. Ford married married Marion Boisot in Pebble Beach, California. In 1931 he formed the Carmel Realty Company, which is still a major real-estate office in the city today.

According to the Carmel Valley Historic Airport Society, "Convinced that mass production of small aircraft would put a plane within the reach of anyone who could afford a car, Byington bought the northeast corner of Rancho Las Laureles for an airpark. He and his brother Tirey, developed the Carmel Valley Airport for pilot-owners who would want to be at home a minute or two after getting out of their plane."

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