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Aladdin (TV series)

Aladdin is an animated television series made by Walt Disney Television which aired from 1994 to 1996, based on the original 1992 feature. Coming on the heels of the direct-to-video sequel The Return of Jafar, the series picked up where that installment left off, with Aladdin still living on the streets of Agrabah, still unwed to beautiful and spunky Princess Jasmine. "Al" and Jasmine went together into peril among sorcerers, monsters, thieves, and more. Monkey sidekick Abu and the fast-talking, shape-shifting Genie came along to help, as did sassy, complaining parrot Iago, formerly Jafar’s pet but now a grudgingly good guy.

Debuting simultaneously on Saturday morning and as part of The Disney Afternoon, the show set a pattern for several future Disney series. Many of the films' stars provided the voices of their TV counterparts with Dan Castellaneta filling in for Robin Williams in the Genie role.

The Disney Channel reran the series in the late-1990s until it was replaced by their pre-teen lineup. The show was latter shown on Toon Disney, but has since been removed.

The show became popular with Arabic speaking viewers when it aired on MBC 3 dubbed in Arabic. Most, if not all of the characters, were voiced by Egyptian actors, and as a result, Egyptian Arabic was used.

There are currently no plans to release the Aladdin TV series on DVD from Walt Disney Home Entertainment.



  1. Aladdin (voiced by Scott Weinger)
  2. Genie (voiced by Dan Castellaneta)
  3. Iago (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried)
  4. Abu (voiced by Frank Welker)
  5. Princess Jasmine (voiced by Linda Larkin)
  6. Magic Carpet (not voiced)


  1. Abis Mal (voiced by Jason Alexander): The most recurring villain. He always has a plan to rule Agrabah, usually involving a new magical item. He has an obsession of attaining the Sultan's "big hat." He is joined in the series by Harud Hazi Bin (voiced by James L. Avery, Sr.). Harud is Abis Mal's right-hand man, who often considered his boss's schemes ill-conceived.
  2. Mechanicles (voiced by Charlie Adler): A Greek with OCD tendencies and a knack for building evil war machines, also an obsession with keeping things neat and tidy.
  3. Mozenrath (voiced by Jonathan Brandis): A sorcerer always seeking more power. Xerxes (voiced by Frank Welker) was his familiar.
  4. Mirage (voiced by Bebe Neuwirth): An evil cat woman intent on spreading fear and misery.
  5. Saleen (voiced by Julie Brown): A bratty merwoman who hates not getting her way. Her goal is to capture Aladdin and make him her merman prince of the sea
  6. Ayam Aghoul (voiced by Hamilton Camp): An undead ghoul, obsessed with trapping Aladdin and his friends in the Netherworld forever. His name is a comical adaptation of "I am a Ghoul"
  7. Shadow Aladdin: Shadow Aladdin was created by Ayam Aghoul, he originally is a henchman of Aghoul's shadow, but when Aghoul is killed Shadow Aladdin goes off by himself. However, as he looks for a new host body, Aladdin recaptures him.
  8. Caliph Kapok (voiced by Tim Curry) : The disembodied head of a wizard who desires to have ultimate control over his kind-hearted body. He managed to behead Aladdin once, only to be thwarted by his own game in the end.
  9. Amin Damoola (voiced by Jeff Bennett): A clumsy thief who constantly tries to prove himself but inevitably fails. Due to his clumsiness, the other thief's repeatingly call him "Butter-fingers", much to his discomfort. His name is a variation to the phrase "I'm in the Moola".
  10. Sootinai (voiced by Dorian Harewood): A smoke spirit that only appeared in the episode, The Vapor Chase; was originally composed of smaller spirits. When all of the spirits merge into one, they become Sootinai. Sootinai can absorb the smoke from fires, making him himself larger and more powerful.
  11. The Al Muddy : The Al Muddy are a race of subterranean mud-monsters.
  12. Malcho (voiced by Hector Elizondo) : Malcho is a giant flying serpent who is an enemy of Thundra and (later) Iago and Aladdin.
  13. Aziz (voiced by Michael Bell) : Aziz was an old acquaintance of Aladdin's who, upon finding the Destiny Stone, turned into an evil creature who could use his breath to do just about anything he wanted.
  14. Nefir Hasenuf (voiced by Rene Auberjonois) : Nefir is an imp whose greed rivals that of Iago. He always causes great calamity and uses his great imp ingenuity to capitalize on the needs of those involved to obtain treasures. Unlike Iago who is sometimes bound by moral choices such as loyalty to his friends, Nefir has no restraint to accomplish his goals selfishly.
  15. Arbutus (voiced by Ron Perlman): An Artist and plant manipulator.
  16. Khartoum (voiced by Tony Jay): An evil wizard imprisoned within his own book. His only hope of release is a magical gem called the Philosophers' Stone which consists the power of the cosmos. All he needs is someone greedy enough to create the stone and release him from his prison. It turns out, Mozenrath was that "someone" when he finds the book. After the young wizard creates the stone, Khartoum doublecrosses him and takes the stone for himself. Khartoum likes a power-hungry wizard.
  17. Dominus Tusk (voiced by Jim Cummings): A giant minotaur who served as a frequent, albeit usually minor threat, and was often quickly disposed of by the heroes.


  1. Sultan (voiced by Val Bettin). Jasmine's father, and the ruler of Agrabah. We learn that his nickname is Little Bobo. (As the Netherworld Turns)
  2. Rajah (voiced by Frank Welker). Tiger friend of Princess Jasmine
  3. The Royal Guards: Headed by Razoul (voiced by Jim Cummings) they are like police and security guards for Agrabah, though Razoul remains suspicious of Aladdin's intentions and desperately wants to prove himself right that Aladdin is a power hungry street rat. Despite their supporting role, Razoul is the only Royal Guard to have a lead role, with the episode "Destiny On Fire".
  4. Sadira (voiced by Kellie Martin) : A female streetrat who was saved by Aladdin and fell in love. Jealous of the princess, she learns the art of "Sand Magic" and uses it to try and make Aladdin love her. She eventually gives up and becomes friends with the group
  5. Sultan Pasta Al'Dente (voiced by Stuart Pankin): Pasta is the ruler of the land of Getsistan, known throughout the Seven Deserts for their casinos, much like Las Vegas, Nevada.
  6. Queen Hippsodeth (voiced by Kate Mulgrew) : Hippsodeth is the ruler of the Isle of Galifem, home of the Galifem warriors. After being defeated by the Sultan in battle, she fell in love with him. Her overweight "right-hand woman" is Scara (voiced by Susan Tolsky), one of the Galifem warriors, a goofy, comic relief character.
  7. Merc (voiced by Dorian Harewood) : Merc is the captain of a flying ship who appeared in two episodes: "Raiders of the Lost Shark" and "Beast or Famine."
  8. The Mukhtar (voiced by John Kassir) : The Mukhtar is perhaps the last surviving member of the race of Mukhtars, renowned as the sworn enemies of the genies. Originally hired by one of Genie's old masters, Aged Al Gebraic, to capture Genie in "Genie Hunt," he eventually became Genie's friend following the events of "The Hunted.", where he was hired by Mozenwrath to capture Genie to steal his powers but ultimately helped Aladdin and the defeat Mozenwrath.
  9. Eden (voiced by Debi Derryberry): Eden is a genie who became the girlfriend of Aladdin's Genie. She appeared in two episodes: "Some Enchanted Genie" and "The Book of Khartoum."
  10. Prince Uncouthma (Voiced by Tino Insana): Uncouthma is the ruler of the barbarian land of Odiferous. He first appeared in the episode "Smells Like Trouble" as a suitor for Princess Jasmine, unaware that she was already betrothed. He went on to marry a woman named Brawnhilda (Voiced by Carol Kane) and have a son called Bud (E.G. Daily). He has a cameo in "Aladdin and the King of Thieves" in the crowd around the wedding procession path. His military chief is General Gouda (Voiced by Ron Perlman).
  11. Thundra (Voiced by Candi Milo): Thundra, the Rainbird, oversees all the world's weather. She is Iago's romantic counterpart
  12. Phasir (Voiced by Ed Gilbert): Phasir is a seer who hides his cycloptic nature by wearing a bandage over his eye, appearing as a blind beggar. He is the brother of the giant Fashoom, and was once in love with Mirage. He helped Aladdin and his friends in a number of episodes, often thwarting Mirage's evil plans.
  13. Chaos (voiced by Matt Frewer): A flying cat with god-like powers.
  14. Squirt: A small Wallaby-like creature of unknown origin, he only appeared in the episode "Scare Necessities". He is often prey by multiple species of different kinds, including humans. He has the power to grant the wish of whoever scares him, allowing him to run away. In the episode he appears in, he made as a good friend to Iago, who set a mirror in-front of him, scaring him, and granting his own wish, sending him to his homeland.

Episode list: 1994-1996

86 episodes were produced (not in this order): 1 Air Feather Friends Season 1, Episode 1. Original Air Date: 5 September 1994

Three small but destructive tornadoes sweep through the marketplace of Agrabah. They leave behind damaged booths and stolen jewels and gold. The more superstitious think they are wind demons but Aladdin thinks they are merely thieves. He is forced to prove his theory and Abu's freedom is on the line if he can't. The desert trail leads him to the stronghold of Abis Mal and his henchmen.

2. Bad Mood Rising

Season 1, Episode 2. Original Air Date: 6 September 1994

Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, and Genie head off on the Magic Carpet to open trade with Quirkistan. The gang is surprised to find Quirkistan a dreary wasteland; it turns out that the land is enchanted, and the weather and states of things are determined solely by the mood of King Mamoud, Quirkistan's bratty boy ruler. He's currently brooding over missing his birthday party, and as a result, the whole land is doomed. So, with the prospect of a rich treasure reward, the gang tries to cheer up the King. Aladdin comes close with his risky sword-juggling act, but only Jasmine's storytelling can engage Mamoud. But Jasmine will have to stay there and entertain the King forever.

3. To Cure a Thief

Season 1, Episode 3. Original Air Date: 7 September 1994

The clumsy thief Amin Dimoola barely escapes within an inch of decapitation from the sultan's treasury. As Abu is found holding the golden glove which triggered the trap mechanisms, Aladdin rages that's one theft too many and intends to leash his (too) handy friend, who runs away, followed by ever-greedy Iago. Abu is recruited by Amin, who brings them to the guild of thieves, where his reputation is abysmal, then they set out to steal the glove, which is a thief's ideal magical aid. Without each other, Abu feels as miserable, guilty and lonely as Aladdin, who sets out with the gang to get Abu back, but Amin already brought him to the palace, where no safety can stop the monkey...

4. Do the Rat Thing

5. Never Say Nefir

6. Getting the Bugs Out

7. The Vapor Chase

8. Garden of Evil Season 1, Episode 8 Twenty years ago, a much younger Sultan stumbled upon a magnificent garden and plucked a flower to take home to his bride. This aroused the anger of the garden's master, an enchanter named Arbutus who sees himself as an artist and creates beautiful things, but despises man for seemingly carelessly destroying his work. The only way he allows the Sultan to leave alive is the promise of the Sultan's most valuable treasure twenty years later...which turns out to be Jasmine.

9. Much Abu About Something

10. My Fair Aladdin
Aladdin becomes more sociable when he feels left out from the royal meetings, though Jasmine disagrees with this change that Aladdin should be himself. However when Genie is captured while investigating Mechanickless' latest scheme it is up to Aladdin to rescue him.
11. Some Enchanted Genie

12. Web of Fear

13. Mudder's Day

14. Plunder the Sea

15. Strike Up the Sand
After helping fellow street rat Sadira, Aladdin finds that she has fallen in love with him and quickly rejects her. However, finding books on Sand Magic, Sadira tries to use the spells to make Aladdin fall in love with her by conjuring a Sand Beast to kidnap Jasmine.

16. I Never Mechanism I Didn't Like

17. Fowl Weather

18. Forget Me Lots
Abis Mal uses a magic rose called the Rose of Forgetfulness to erase Jasmines memory and tricks her into think she is his daughter to take over Agrabah. However, his plan backfires when Jasmine locks him up too and it is up to Aladdin to remind her of who she really is.

19. Scare Necessities

20. Sand Switch

Season? Episode? Aired?

One night, the street rat Sadira casts a spell over Agrabah. The next morning, everyone's memory has been rearranged so that Sadira is the princess and Jasmine is a street rat. No one seems to have realized what's happened except the animals: Iago, Abu, and Rajah are hip to Sadira's game and escape the palace to find Jasmine. They eventually find the once-princess, who is a pick-pocket and in rags. They convince Jasmine to come back to the castle, and she agrees after seeing Aladdin in the wedding parade with Sadira. She doesn't know why, but she feels drawn to Aladdin. When Jasmine, Iago and company burst in on the wedding, Aladdin is drawn to Jasmine as well. The two share a kiss and it breaks Sadira's spell.

21. Lost and Founded
Abis Mal steals a magic hourglass that acts as a time machine and with Aladdin and his friends he travels back to the year where Agrabah was founded and plans for his ancestor Abnor Mal to become the Sultan to change history and Aladdin must prevent this before it is too late.
22. Moonlight Madness

23. The Flawed Couple
Mechanickles and Abis Mal meet and find they have the same common enemy: Aladdin. Luring Aladdin and his group into a trap they plan to use Mechanickles's robotic bugs with magical stones that Abis Mal has that change a person's emotions to a specific emotion to throw the group into disarray to complete their revenge.
24. Rain of Terror

25. Dune Quixote
Sadira's up to her old tricks again, as she casts a spell on Aladdin making him think he is her knight in shining armor and Abu is his loyal steed. Before she can transport them both to her fantasy kingdom, Jasmine, Genie, and Iago stop them, but when Genie messes up the spell with his magic it causes some side effects where Aladdin still thinks he is a knight and Abu is a camel. Now everyone must recreate Sadira's fantasy in real life and Aladdin must give Sadira true love's kiss before the spell can be broken. However, as Jasmine disagrees with the plan she and Sadira begin to talk and make peace in their rivalry towards Aladdin's affection.

26. The Day the Bird Stood Still

27. Of Ice and Men
Aladdin and the group meet an ice efreet named Frajhid when at the Frozen North and bring him back to Agrabah to use his magic to bring ice and snow to excite the people of Agrabah with fun. Though satisfied at first Aladdin and his friends realize that the cold weather is too much for the city to handle and must find a way to send Frajhid back to the frozen north before the situation gets too out of hand.
28. Opposites Detract

29. Caught by the Tale

30. Elemental, My Dear Jasmine

31. Smolder and Wiser

32. The Game

33. Snowman is an Island

34. The Animal Kingdom

35. Power to the Parrot

36. The Sands of Fate

37. The Citadel

38. Poor Iago

39. The Secret of Dagger Rock
Aladdin is captured by Mozenwrath who demands Genie as an exchange. Jasmine, who feels responsible for not being able to help when she witnessed Aladdin being kidnapped wants to help rescue him. When her father forbids her, she goes disguised as a Palace Guard to help rescue Aladdin.

40. In the Heat of the Fright

41. The Seven Faces of Genie

42. The Wind Jackal of Mozenrath

Season? Episode? Aired?

Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu depart to the Land of the Black Sands on a secret mission involving a mysterious "weapon" possessed by Mozenwrath. Back at the palace, Genie, Carpet, and Iago gradually notice their friends' absence. Iago suggests that Al, Jas, and Abu have gone off treasure hunting and "cut them from the deal." Genie, meanwhile, assumes his friends are in danger. The three rush off to the Land of the Black Sand, only to foil Aladdin and Jasmine's mission and get everyone caught because of Mozenwrath's magic detecting devices. Mozenwrath imprisons the heros, leaving them to die at dawn by the burning of a diamond mechanism in the ceiling. He then reveals that his secret weapon is in fact a magical wind jackal that he will use to conquer Agrabah and departs haughtily. While imprisoned the Aladdin reveals the reason why the others were left behind; Genie and Carpet because their magic could be detected and Iago because he is a loudmouth. Abu manages to pick the lock on Genie's anti-magic cuffs and the genie rescues everyone. They return to Agrabah to stop Mozenwrath from using the wind jackal to destroy the city using Iago's voice imitation ability to trick the jackel with Mozenwraths voice.

43. A Clockwork Hero

44. Mission Imp Possible
After finding that a treasure called golden silk is being protected by a giant spider, Nefir poisons Aladdin and convinces Genie into helping him with the promise that a small amount of the golden silk can cure Aladdin. However, as Genie and Iago set out to find the silk they are unaware that Nefir intends to use them to get past the spider.
45. Stinkerbelle

46. Shadow of a Doubt

47. Smells Like Trouble

48. The Way We War
Agrabah and Odiferous go to war with Nefir and his Imps supplying weapons. As Aladdin and the group investigate they discover that Nefir is behind the whole war so he can profit off of both sides.

49. Night of the Living Mud

50. Egg-stra Protection

51. Heads, You Lose

52. The Love Bug
Aladdin and the group go to Thundra's rainforest and find that something is tearing it down. As it turns out that Mechanickles is responsible Thundra finding Iago unreliable decides to take matters into her hands.

53. When Chaos Comes Calling

54. Armored and Dangerous

55. Shark Treatment

56. Black Sand

57. Love at First Sprite

Season? Episode? Aired?

While flying around with Carpet in the sky one day, Aladdin is spotted by several tiny sprites who follow him home to the palace. The sprites are curious and inquisitive, not to mention destructive. The sprites soon exhibit the ability to lift Aladdin and his friends into the air, thus allowing them to "fly" on their own without Carpet. Feeling left out, Carpet wanders off to be with Iago (who shouts at the sprites that he already knows how to fly) and Abu. Things start out friendly but quickly turn ugly when the sprites carry Aladdin and company away in the clouds and refuse to let them go home. Their demands of endless play anger Aladdin and the others, to which the sprites reply that they "don't like them anymore." To teach Aladdin and his friends a lesson, they lift the palace into the air, throw Aladdin and company inside, and drop it to the earth. Genie strains to save the day but it's Carpet who comes to the rescue by tricking the sprites into chasing him around and around the falling palace, thus slowing its progress. Everyone praises Carpet, and Aladdin vows to let Carpet do the flying from here on out.

58. Vocal Hero
After Iago's latest moneymaking scam of tricking the Sultan by having him place jewels in a mechanical robot he built is exposed by Aladdin and Abu, the Sultan kicks Iago out of the palace as punishment. However, Amin Damoola turns the Sultan into a small gold statue. As the team must catch him to get the Sultan back with Iago who wants to win back his trust, they are unaware that Amim's new magical devices have been supplied by Mozenwrath who wants to hold the Sultan for ransom.

59. The Lost City of the Sun
The sprites have been captured by Mozenwrath who plans to use them to find a lost city that has a weapon needed to rule the desert. A few escape and warn Aladdin and they head out to stop Mozenwrath and rescue the other sprites.

60. As the Netherworld Turns
Iago and Abu locate a Magic ball in Jafar's old chambers. They plan to use it's magic to walk through walls but are unaware the real secret is that it transports them to the Netherworld where not only does Ayam Aghoul plan to make them permanent residents, but he also plans for Aladdin to be sent there too.
61. Seems Like Old Crimes Part One

62. Seems Like Old Crimes Part Two

63. From Hippsodeth, With Love

64. Destiny of Fire
Aladdin and his friends return from vacation to find that all of Agrabah has been turned into slug-like creatures. They are rescued by Razoul the Captain of the Royal Guards who had escaped from the palace during the initial assault and learn that Aladdin's former accomplice Aziz is responsible. As Aladdin's friends are being turned into slugs during the quest to stop Aziz, Razoul and Aladdin who remain openly hostile towards each other must put their differences aside if they are to have any chance of stopping Aziz.
65. The Return of Malcho
Iago's old enemy Malcho returns for revenge as Aladdin is in charge as the temporary Sultan for Agrabah while the Sultan, Jasmine, and the rest of the gang are on vacation. When Malcho attacks, Aladdin must fight him off and work with the guards in protecting Iago and stopping Malcho without endangering the city.

66. Raiders of the Lost Shark

67. Sneeze the Day

68. The Profit Motive

69. That Stinking Feeling

70. Beast or Famine

71. The Spice Is Right
Aladdin finds a gift for Jasmine, a necklace which once put on makes her the bride for Ayam Aghoul who quickly kicks Aladdin, Carpet, and Genie out of the palace. However, as Aladdin figures out that the spice from the treasure chest can get the necklace off Jasmine, he learns that Iago and Abu have been selling it off (with earlier assistance from Genie) for profit.
72. Hero with a Thousand Feathers

73. Witch Way Did She Go?
As Sadira is having a good time with her newfound friendship with Aladdin and his friends at her place she inadvertently releases three ancient Sand Witches. As Sadira is accused that she had returned to her old ways from the recent attacks she must choose between power or friendship.
74. Sea No Evil

75. A Sultan Worth His Salt

Season? Episode? Aired?

When Jasmine is captured by a clan of warrior women who desire her allegiance, the sultan is determined to save his daughter himself. Aladdin and the others, however, are a little apprehensive about letting the sultan come along but they have no choice. Jasmine, meanwhile, is forced to undergo a number of "initiation tests" during all of which she tries and nearly succeeds in escaping. As Jasmine races down the center of falling columns, Aladdin and the others blunder through the world of the warrior women, often falling into traps and getting stuck. During a moment of frustration, Aladdin declares to Genie "how am I supposed to rescue Jasmine when I'm always rescuing him [the sultan]?" To which the sultan flares that he'll find Jasmine on his own and takes off, but not without Genie on his tail. In the final confrontation, it is the sultan who saves the day and Aladdin learns not to underestimate his future sultan-in-law.

76. Genie Hunt

77. The Lost Ones

78. Eye of the Beholder Mirage puts Aladdin's love for Jasmine to the ultimate test. Disguised as a peddler woman, she gives Jasmine a lotion that she says will transform her into something more worthy of her man, but slowly changes her into a snake woman. Aladdin will stop at nothing to save Jasmine and be with her forever, even if it means becoming a snake creature himself.

79. The Hunted

80. Riders Redux

81. The Book of Khartoum

82. While the City Snoozes Mirage opens an enchanted music box which plays a tune that puts everybody near it to sleep until it is closed again. It is up to Aladdin and Jasmine to find the box before they fall asleep and takes control of Agrabah.

83. Two to Tangle
As Mozenwrath is dying from the side effects of his magical gauntlet he plans to switch bodies with Aladdin to prolong his life and captures him. However, due to the interference of Aladdin's friends, both Aladdin and Mozenwrath are sharing Aladdin's body. As the group heads to a magical elixir to reverse the process, Mozenwrath plans to take the elixir to keep Aladdin's body to himself and it is up to Aladdin's spirit to prevent this from happening.
84. The Ethereal Jasmine dreams of the coming of a powerful spirit called The Ethereal, who will judge Agrabah-it will either be spared or destroyed. Everyone tries to convince her it was just a dream, until the signs of the Ethereal's arrival appear and finally the Ethereal itself comes. Now Aladdin and his friends must find the one thing that marks Agrabah worthy of the Ethereal's approval before it ends up like Atlantis.

85. The Shadow Knows

86. The Great Rift

After this series ended another direct to video movie, Aladdin and the King of Thieves, was released to officially end the Aladdin franchise of films and tv series.

See also "Hercules and the Arabian Night," a cross-over done after the Aladdin series had already ended. It takes place after King of Thieves as Aladdin and Jasmine are married in it, and Jafar returns as a ghost.

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