Bushido 12

PRIDE Bushido 12

PRIDE Bushido 12 also known as PRIDE Bushido Survival 2nd Round was a mixed martial arts event held by PRIDE Fighting Championships. The event consisted of the second round of the 2006 BUSHIDO Welterweight (183 lb) tournament. It took place on August 26, 2006, at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall. The winning tournament participants in this round advanced to the semifinals, which were held at PRIDE Bushido 13 on November 5th.

Bushido 12 marked the beginning of PRIDE showing Bushido events for free in America. Bushido 12 was shown on free cable television in the United States through Fox Sports Net on August 27, 2006. This broadcast was, however, edited for content and for time down to two hours.


Challenge matches

Seichi Ikemoto vs Daisuke Nakamura

Daisuke Nakamura defeats Seichi Ikemoto by submission due to an armbar at 3:36 of Round 1.

Hiroyuke Abe vs Naoki Matsushita

This match was declared a draw after 2 rounds.

Regular bouts

Jeff Curran vs Hatsu Hioki

Hatsu Hioki defeats Jeff Curran by unanimous decision.

Shinya Aoki vs Jason Black

Shinya Aoki defeats Jason Black by submission due to a triangle choke at 1:58 of Round 1.

Gilbert Melendez vs Nobuhiro Obiya

Gilbert Melendez defeats Nobuhiro Obiya by unanimous decision.

Chris Brennan vs Tatsuya Kawajiri

Tatsuya Kawajiri defeats Chris Brennan by technical knockout due to strikes at :29 of Round 1.

Mitsuhiro Ishida vs Cristiano Marcello

Mitsuhiro Ishida defeats Cristiano Marcello by unanimous decision.

Luciano Azevedo vs Hayato Sakurai

Hayato Sakurai defeats Luciano Azevedo by technical knockout due to doctor stoppage at 4:35 of Round 1.

Eric "Butterbean" Esch vs Ikuhisa Minowa

Ikuhisa Minowa defeats Eric Esch by submission due to an armbar at 4:35 of Round 1.

Tournament bouts

Denis Kang vs Amar Suloev

Denis Kang defeats Amar Suloev by submission due to a rear naked choke at 4:10 of Round 1.

Ryo Chonan vs Paulo Filho

Paulo Filho defeats Ryo Chonan by submission due to an armbar at 2:30 of Round 1.

Akihiro Gono vs Gegard Mousasi

Akihiro Gono defeats Gegard Mousasi by submission due to an armbar at 4:24 of Round 2.

Dan Henderson vs Kazuo Misaki

Kazuo Misaki defeats Dan Henderson by unanimous decision.

Non-title bout

David Baron vs Champion Takanori Gomi

Takanori Gomi defeats David Baron by submission due to a rear naked choke at 7:10 of Round 1.

PRIDE 2006 Welterweight Grand Prix Bracket

Bushido Rules

  • In BUSHIDO fights are two rounds (instead of three). The first round is ten (10) minutes, and the second round is five (5) minutes. There are no extra rounds. If the fight goes the distance then judges decide on a winner.
  • For BUSHIDO "Challenge Matches," fights are two (2) rounds. The first and second rounds are five (5) minutes each. If the fight goes to the full time limit no decision will be rendered. The fight will be ruled a draw.
  • In BUSHIDO, red cards are used in the same way that yellow cards are used in PRIDE FC. In BUSHIDO, if fighters commit the following actions, they shall be given a red card by officials: Stalling or failure to initiate any offensive attack, making no attempt to finalize the match or damage the opponent, and holding the opponent's body with the arms and legs to produce a stalemate. A red card results in a 10% deduction/fine of the fighter's fight purse. A major difference in the penalty card system between PRIDE FC and BUSHIDO is that in PRIDE FC a total of three yellow cards results in a disqualification, while in BUSHIDO red cards can be given out in an unlimited number without disqualification.

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