Burnt Offerings (album)

Burnt Offerings (album)

Burnt Offerings is American heavy metal band Iced Earth's third album, released April 18, 1995, by Century Media Records. This album marked the introduction of vocalist Matt Barlow, who many fans consider to be "the voice" of Iced Earth. It is also the only Iced Earth album featuring drummer Rodney Beasley. The final track of the album, Dante's Inferno, is based on the famous epic poem The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. The original album cover is of Lucifer in the Ninth Circle from Gustave Doré's series of engravings based on the work.

This album drew both ire and praise at the same time, anger from the European fans who felt betrayed that Iced Earth chose a different path musically, and in contrast, sold much higher in the USA than their previous albums. The arrival of Barlow began bringing influences from power metal, though this album still retained most of the musical identity of thrash metal from the bands previous albums.

As with Iced Earth and Night of the Stormrider, the 2001 remastered version has a new cover.


Burnt Offerings is said to have been written during a time of turmoil and anger, particularly focusing on a dispute with the band's then record label, Century Media Records. According to interviews with Jon Schaffer, the title track is about the band's struggles with Century Media.

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2008 Slave to the Dark Bonus Disc


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  • The opening line to Burnt Offerings, "I was betrayed. Look what your God has done to me!" is taken from the 1992 movie, Bram Stoker's Dracula. The same movie was quoted again on 2001's Horror Show.
  • The songs "Burnt Offerings," "Brainwashed," "Creator Failure," and "Dante's Inferno" were remastered and released on the 1997 compilation set Days of Purgatory. For this release, "Burnt Offerings" was re-edited to include "the original intro," while "Dante's Inferno" was remixed.

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