BurningMUD (also referred to as Burning) is an online game which has its roots in the DikuMUD family of MUD:s. It combines elements from Rolemaster and Dungeons & Dragons to create a fantasy environment for the players to have fun in.


BurningMUD in its current form was opened by Lorgalis, Alxar and Andraax on the first of January, 1996, after being given the source code of the old BurningMUD. The old MUD had been closed for about a year with a message saying "Burning has closed and will reopen after finding a new site and heavy modifications". But as nothing happened, Lorgalis and Andraax, both with playing experience from the old Burning, decided to trash their unopened MUD they were working on and get Burning back on its feet again. They contacted Alxar who was one of the staff members on Burning, and he managed to get the source code from Burning and share it with them. After a period of coding, Burning was online again.

In February 1999, BurningMUD was elected "Mud of the Month" by the MudConnector.

Notable features

The Well is a unique zone, which is randomly generated each boot. The entrance is also relocated each 31:st hour. One has to find a compass in order to find the well entrance. It currently has 20 levels filled with lethal traps and mobiles, where you can collect fragments of elemental essence. When you have collected enough essence, you may transform into a super-race called K'ta'viir, or increase your stats.

BurningMUD offers multiclassing, so after you have gained the recommended 50 levels, you may choose a second class. This allows you to create a multitute of different combinations, which all has their benefits and drawbacks. For instance, if you are a level 50 fighter and decide to multiclass as a fighter, you gain extra skills not obtainable by those who would have chosen to multiclass into a magician.


  • Mudconnectors Mud of the Month interview

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