Burn of Ayreland

Burn of Ayreland

The Burn of Ayreland is a northwesterly flowing coastal stream on Mainland Orkney, Scotland that discharges to the Clestrain Sound about two miles south of Stenness. Draining chiefly agricultural lands elevated mosses and moorland. This stream has a notable lack of turbidity and a pH level of approximately 8. Armouring of the stream bottom consists of pebbles, cobbles and occasional boulders.

Prehistory and history

This burn is located a few miles south of very significant Neolithic and Iron Age archaeological sites. A few miles to the north are the Standing Stones of Stenness and the Ring of Brodgar. About three miles to the northeast is the Iron Age Maes Howe site.

The Burn of Ayreland supplied the Mill of Ayreland with water power since the Late Middle Ages; this mill functioned into at least the late 1880s. The mill is now operated as a country inn.

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