Bug, Pol. Bug, Ukr. Buh or Zakhidnyy Buh, river, c.480 mi (770 km) long, rising in the Volhynian-Podolian hills, W Ukraine. It flows N along the Polish-Ukrainian and Polish-Belarusian borders past Brest and then NW through Poland to join the Vistula River (with the Narew) near Warsaw. It is linked with the Dnieper by the Dnieper-Bug Canal via the Pina River and with the Niemen by the Augustov Canal via the Narva River. The Bug is also known as the Western Bug.
Bug or Southern Bug, river, Ukraine: see Buh.
bug, common name correctly applied to insects belonging to the order Hemiptera, although members of the order Homoptera (e.g., mealybug) are sometimes referred to as bugs, as are other insects in general. The true bugs (Hemipterans) have a characteristic pair of front wings that are partially thickened and darkened at the base and partially membranous at the apex. Development is gradual through an incomplete metamorphosis with a number of nymphal stages before the reproductively mature adult stage is reached. Most bugs are terrestrial, but many are aquatic (e.g., various water bugs).

Although bugs vary greatly in size, color, and physical appearance, they all have piercing-sucking mouthparts in the form of a jointed beak. Most species suck plant juices (e.g., the squash bug and chinch bug); however, some suck the blood of other insects and spiders (e.g., the assassin bug and backswimmer). Others, such as the bedbug, feed on people and other animals. Many of these insects characteristically secrete defensive substances (e.g., the stinkbug). The true bugs are classified in the phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta, order Hemiptera.

Bug or BUG can refer to:


  • An insect of the order Hemiptera, also known as the "true bugs". (Older taxonomies identify a suborder Heteroptera.)
  • Any arthropod (excepting most crustaceans); includes insects, but also non-insects such as spiders and centipedes
  • A pathogen such as virus or bacteria that causes illness
  • Bug (dog breed) a hybrid breed of a pug and a Boston terrier
  • One of several species of slipper lobster, such as
  • A crayfish, sometimes called a mudbug or mud bug,


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