[bwey-nuh-ven-toor-uh, -tyoor-uh; Sp. bwe-nah-ven-too-rah]
Buenaventura, city (1993 pop. 194,727), W Colombia, a port on the Pacific Ocean. The city, located on Cascajal Island in Buenaventura Bay, is the shipping point for the coffee, cotton, and sugar of the Cauca valley. Platinum, gold, hides, and shrimp are also exported. The original settlement was founded in 1545 and was burned by natives at the end of the 16th cent.; a majority of the population is of African descent. Buenaventura's importance as a port came with the opening of the Panama Canal and with the improvement of communications inland in the 1930s. In the early 21st cent. its coastal location made it a transit point for the illegal drug trade and, as a result, the scene of much drug-related violence.
Báez, Buenaventura, c.1810-1884, president of the Dominican Republic (1849-53; 1856-58; 1865-66; 1868-73). Like his rival, Santana, Báez was unscrupulous and selfish; he gained and lost the presidency by revolution and counterrevolution. With his country in a condition of financial ruin and recurrently gripped by anarchy, he negotiated (1869) a treaty with the United States providing for U.S. annexation of the Dominican Republic. A Dominican plebiscite (1870) confirmed the treaty, but the U.S. Senate, ignoring President Grant's wishes, failed to ratify it. Báez lost his popular support and was overthrown.

Lake, northern Utah, U.S. It is the largest inland body of salt water in the Western Hemisphere and one of the most saline in the world. It fluctuates greatly in size, depending on rates of evaporation and the flow of the rivers into it. Its surface area has varied from about 2,400 sq mi (6,200 sq km) at its highest levels in 1873 and the mid 1980s to about 950 sq mi (2,460 sq km) at its low level in 1963. At times of median water level, it is generally less than 15 ft (4.5 m) deep. Surrounded by stretches of sand, salt land, and marsh, the lake remains isolated, though in recent years it has become important as a source of minerals, as a beach and water-sports attraction, and as a wildlife preserve.

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Buenaventura is the Spanish version of Bonaventure and the name of

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