Brutus2D is a game programming language developed using Visual Basic, VBScript and DirectX.

It is aimed at the amateur programmer who is interested in learning more about programming & game development.

Simple 2D games can be developed in Brutus2D and with the aid of an additional plugin, 3D games can also be created.


Brutus2D was designed using Microsoft Visual Basic and runs on Windows 2000, Windows XP & Windows Vista.


Brutus2D has two distinctive syntaxes, the first is VBScript and is similar in style to traditional Basic. The second is JScript which is Microsoft's dialect of ECMAScript.

Functions & Procedures

Functions & procedures are supported in Brutus2D.

Sound & Music

Support for Sound Effects using Wav files & the following 2 types of music format, Ogg & Midi can be found in Brutus2D.


option explicit

dim Font1

dim bRunning bRunning = True

sub main()

if (graphics.initialize <> True) then exit sub key.initialize Font1 = graphics.createFont ("System", 14) do while bRunning = True if key.pressed(1) or key.pressed(0) = True then bRunning = False graphics.clear 255 graphics.settext "Hello world", 10,10,Font1 graphics.display loop key.terminate graphics.terminate end sub

Call Main

The code above will display a window on the screen & print "Hello world" in it.

Truevision3D Plugin

By using the Truevision3D plugin you can create 3D environments using Brutus2D.

Network Support

Brutus2D also has support for network programming, Meaning that you can write multiplayer games or multiuser applications

Object Based

The core programming engine is supplemented with hard-coded Visual Basic objects. Like JavaScript Brutus2D is object based. Almost all functions (methods) are part of a related object that does a specific task.


Brutus2D is Freeware but extra functionality can be added if Brutus2D is registered for a small fee.

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